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It's easy to blame someone who is known for throwing knives when there are stabbings occurring. Then he got thrown in an asylum for trying to stop the assassination of JFK. Dean joins him, says, “I don’t care, you know. Nights like these were always a favorite around the academy because of how low-stress they were. Diego Hargreeves He even starts to stutter again after her death. Really, I’m always happy to get a drabble request (and to everyone whose drabble I still haven’t written, I promise I will, I didn’t forget ♥️). This change also threw the heroes into a world they never experienced and allowed viewers to see a completely different side of this dysfunctional family. After saying that the show did a fantastic job in representing his character, Way goes into detail describing Diego’s relationship with Luther. Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Adoptive father)Luther Hargreeves (Adoptive brother)Allison Hargreeves (Adoptive sister)Klaus Hargreeves (Adoptive brother)Number Five (Adoptive brother)Ben Hargreeves (Adoptive brother)Vanya Hargreeves (Adoptive sister) a sure sign that vanya was pissed for real when they were children was her mumbling darkly in russian under her breath. His love for her was so strong that he was willing to push her away from Reginald, which is what he accomplished, possibly changing the future for the worse. Then he wound up in 1963 after failing to stop the apocalypse. He’s a hero. Round blue eyes and blond bangs and a plastic dinosaur gripped in one small hand. Like Gordon, Lupo doesn't have a problem with Diego's methods as long as he stops the bad guys before it's too late. As a result, Diego has a very special and close bond with her. “Shit, Klaus?” he muttered, immediately veering the car to the side of the road and jumping out. Updated August 5, 2020, by Shawn S. Lealos: With the second season of Umbrella Academy hitting Netflix, the heroes went back to the '60s and realized they had to stop another apocalypse, as bad luck follows them everywhere they go. Diego Hargreeves (4019) Klaus Hargreeves (3599) Ben Hargreeves (2683) Luther Hargreeves (2649) Allison Hargreeves (2606) Vanya Hargreeves (2550) Number Five | The Boy (Umbrella Academy) (2369) Grace Hargreeves (1061) Reginald Hargreeves (1044) Dr. Pogo (Umbrella Academy) (644) Include Relationships Diego Hargreeves & Klaus Hargreeves (668) I could see one of Hargreeves… for all his faults, klaus is a surprisingly patient teacher when it comes to german. However, this power hasn't really been all that useful so far. Okay so my friends and I recently had a conversation about which Hargreeves siblings we think would have been closest as kids, and that got me thinking about a potential Allison/Diego friendship (maybe this is just me being self-indulgent because I love Allison and Diego so much but just humour me). it’s more endearing than annoying nowadays, though, and number five blames his attachment on the fact that he’s going through puberty again, never mind that it actually does feel nice whenever klaus praises his enunciation or ruffles his hair playfully when he gets too frustrated. I do hope they will explore his power of being able to hold his breath as long as he wants, and I know David Casteneda, the amazing actor that plays him, would like to explore that. Diego Hargreeves a.k.a Number Two from The Umbrella Academy has some mystery surrounding him. She seemed to be the only one that he really trusted. Diego Hargreeves is the broody, mysterious sibling in the Umbrella Academy. So, he gets mixed up on the wrong side of the law a lot and needs to be more careful. “Well…” He started after a while. imagine the siblings fighting together in perfect harmony, and their opponents being so confused because the battlefield is just one crazy mish-mash of different languages being hurled in all sorts of directions. While Batman has Commissioner Gordon, the Kraken has Inspector Lupo who is essentially the Umbrella Academy version. Diego always tripped over his m’s and o’ and w’s, but the trepidation in the boy’s voice was painfully familiar. That all changed when Diego showed his ability to manipulate objects was not just things he threw. 10 Marvel Supervillains Stronger Than Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Willow's 10 Best Spells. But here are some facts and trivia about him! Just picture the word in your mind, Diego thought to himself with a deep breath before trying to answer the question one last time. Stegosaurs have brains the size of a dog’s, Diego found out among the number of other facts the kid could remember. he figured that seven superpowered children would be smart as well, so he made a point of letting them learn their native languages first (e.g. He does live in a boxing club, so he has that advantage. Um, are you okay?”. It seems almost strange that the one that claims to be a loner and wants no one around him is the one that is quickest to forgive and stand by his siblings. However, all he ended up doing was becoming a low-rent Batman, which is how Number Five described his brother. He had even rolled his eyes when you said you will, followed by the slam of the car door. Diego stopped all the bullets coming at him and his family and redirected them as well, something that shows how powerful he is. I was supposed to be over it, and then it just creeps up on m-me like this.” He sweeps his hand through the air as if to say case in point. One of the first things you can remember from your childhood is breaking up a fight between your two brothers, From a young age you were comforting Klaus when he got scared of the ghosts that he saw, Not to mention you were one of the people who helped Diego work on his stutter, alongside your mother Grace, In fact the closeness between you trio is a prominent part of Vanya’s book, Some of your siblings sort of went their separate ways but not you, Diego, and Klaus. Upon the discovery of Eiffel, Diego killed him by throwing a knife into his forehead which cause the Eiffel Tower to launch into space.

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