desired incentive on job application

At InHerSight, we use data to help women find and improve companies where they can achieve their goals. Depending on what is incentivized, employers can encourage teamwork and cooperation or damage it. Incentives can be tricky for employers. When you’re faced with a form that you absolutely must complete with a desired salary, Washington Post work advice columnist Karla L. Miller says: “Submit what you think is a fair wage and what you would happily accept for the position described. Rewards incentives include items such as gifts, monetary rewards. An incentive is an object, item of value or desired action or event that spurs an employee to do more of whatever was encouraged by the employer through the chosen incentive. The answer you provide may be used in the screening process—answer too high and you may not be considered for the position at all. Appreciation incentives include such happenings as company parties and celebrations, company-paid family activity events, ice cream socials, birthday celebrations, sporting events, paid group lunches, and sponsored sports teams. If you provide an individual sales incentive for sales staff, for example, you guarantee that your sales force will not work together to make sales. Because most online job applications require a hard figure versus a range. Employee incentives can play a significant role in retaining the employees you most want to keep. “The point, always, is to avoid negotiating compensation before you negotiate the job,” Cohen warns. When you design an incentive program, make sure that you are rewarding the actual behaviors that you wish to incentivize. A generous benefits package that includes comprehensive family medical and dental, plus life insurance and retirement plans, can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. By signing up, you agree to InHerSight's Terms and Privacy Policy, You now have access to all of our awesome content. As with many things in business, the words have real meaning only in a specific context/locale. State the timeline and allow a certain amount of time for employees to accomplish the actions that you'd like to see when you communicate the incentives criteria. “When you make an issue out of compensation too early in the process, you risk being eliminated from consideration before this essential information has been communicated and they risk missing out on a great candidate.”. Tell the employees exactly why their contribution made them eligible to receive the incentive. A simple thank you, even asking the employee how they spent their weekend to indicate care and interest, doesn't cost anything and goes a long way in helping employees experience positive workplace morale.

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