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Many users love Transmission for being easy to use and as straight forward as a torrent client can be. Deluge is fully configurable. I will try it for a month! The Mac version of Transmission is outstanding, and better than it is on other platforms. As is, Deluge is very stripped down, but its functionality can be increased via plugins. Has a great wiki. Security, stability and configurability are just a few more virtues found in Deluge. I use deluge and I think only vuze can compete for number of features with deluge (but vuze is java….). BitTorrent’s free service has a nearly identical interface to qBittorrent, if not a bit more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. So I decided to switch. | woGue. It includes MSE/PE for security. It includes MSE/PE for security. I have a hunch deluge just works better on linux, but on windows QB is fast and easy to use. Ktorrent wasn't going to work. What are the best torrent client for iOS? If it's a port issue you likely need to forward the correct ports in your router/Mac OS X firewall. What are the best Torrent clients for Linux that are free, ad-less and open source? No matter how great qBittorent may be, you will never get to know about it in, Pingback: Transmission reaches version 2.6! WebUI is great but being able to add torrents via a remote client is wonderful as it runs natively on my desktop. An embedded tracker allows turning the client into a server offering an easy way of sharing files with others. CLI Yes. For this comparison, I will be using Deluge version 1.3.5. Remote client Electorrent. Long time rtorrent user, but I'm starting to like Transmission. Even if the daemon is quiescent (you’re not downloading/uploading) it uses sometime 5% of CPU, whereas a daemon written in C uses around 0 and 1. If you need a multiuser torrent you need to use torrenflux (or any of its forks). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. P.S. Security, stability and configurability are just a few more virtues found in Deluge. The Mac interface is written in Objective-C, uses dock badges and Growl notifications while the GTK+ interface follows GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and has support for popup notifications, desktop sounds, and a system tray. The WebUI with its labels has stayed consistent and I am currently running over 300 torrents with no lag in the WebUI. Transmission. Transmission is a free, lightweight, cross-platform BitTorrent client that makes it easy for users to download torrents quickly and easily.. 2) choice of desktop install commanding remotely (better GUI) or web page. All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system. In your blog post above you say that using gnome shell on ubuntu is the “mainstream” choice which just is not correct.

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