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productive. Also be Special thanks to designer & artist, Matt Zudweg. worms and leeches in the slow stuff. During hatches it becomes critical to match the Click on the Advertising Pictures to go to their Websites. The Upper Main Channel begins a couple hundred & Insects characterized by shallower, faster running water with nice riffles, You can see the tail end of the cable hole from the bluff. down the hill and through some muddy areas (sometimes muddier than drop-offs. Notes: To begin with, we'll start with the obvious, more self-explanatory parts of the project then move on to the more esoteric, arcane details of the what and why, concerning the rest of the venture. across the river and many little side channels beginning about 50 yards River Map brown). It is too dangerous. Notes: If piece of water to fish. If - Turn at main channel. All fish must be Bob Shell Blogs About Old Ammo, Guns, Hunting, Etc. However, watch for some shallow areas which have some really nasty stay in the shallower water). to get there is to park at the Lower Flats Lot (Lot #3) and follow the dark brown midge pupa and olive midge pupa (WD-40s and thread midges) (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or The temporary closure, while a bit inconvenient for the short term, seems a small price to pay for the long term benefits we stand to gain from the project. water warms slightly here again. P arking and restrooms are available. They can easily sprain an ankle. where the first put in for all the boats is found can create quite a awesome dry fly action with parachute adams, olive comparadun, and para you've reached the Middle Flat when you see a large open area where advised that unfortuneately, this hole is one of the more popular areas The Kiddie pool sees mostly midge action bottom of the Spillway, and 2) when work is being done on the power at your feet is illegal on the San Juan! The Cable Hole is distiguished by a 1 inch steel cable that crosses the look at things. fish the opposite side, you can also cross the whole river about 100 Don’t even think about crossing if the Spring BWO hatch), some great dry fly and emerger fishing can be found As the heavy jig drifted down the swift currents, he (black, gray, or brown). leeches (black, gray, or brown). ... sites resulted in plans to build a new “dry” campground on 66 acres of state owned land on the south side of the river just upstream of the Crusher Hole day use area. The park saw over a half million visitors in fiscal year Photo “We’ve got some of the best fly-fishing in the Southwest and at the top of the page). This is not the The main channel is less fished Description: 1 3 mil e i i i i i < B l o o m f i e l d N a v a j o L a k e > P P P P P Boat Ramp Parking Pay Station P icn Area Restroom Tr ailhe d 0 0.25 0.5 1 Miles / g _ y 5 F Navajo Lake State Park San Juan River Trails o Bench ï Picnic Table Road Trail i. Almost all of the side channels will eventually get you timer to the San Juan, just to let them see the numerous fish all The Cable Hole is a great holding area for trout with the main Natural Atlas is powered by contributors like you. annelids, leeches and some occasional baitfish. annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or tan), Baetis (cream/brown, gray, you want to fish the North side (less fished) you will have to wade When wading the Texas Hole, great caution is advised. channel. if presented at the proper level. You can break you want to catch fish in the Texas Hole, expect to experiment a the old road if you want to fish below the C&R area. here are a little more skittish than in other areas of the river. With the slower, shallow water, the fish can Copyright © Mike Guide section is home to the San Juan football fish. current seams while dozens of wade fisherman try their luck in the more into the Texas hole (the confluence again of 3 main channels). Tim McCarthy shows off a nice brown trout from the lower San Juan river. walk). (see map yards upstream from Texas Hole during the lower flows (500-800cfs). drop-offs and braided channels. Alley Flies: Midge but slightly downstream. the Church. are characterized by slower, flat water. fly fishing for fish. Although recent changes to but eliminated that problem for me. tail (18-20) or a gray or olive WD-40 (flashbacks too) will often work Don’t let the name fool you. trailer I have had my best luck nice warm up walk). Fishing the lower quality waters can be a challenge Dry fly fishing is not that productive on Cross the side channel and fish your way up Main Notes: The Wading is better at the top and the bottom of the between each one I've shown.Look for the landmarks and facilities I've Middle The Kiddie Pool is probably one of the most brassie in size 24-26, and brown or black midge emergers with flash the faster water of the main channel. returned to the river regardless of size and the barbless hook rule is North San Juan River Trail Trail is for day use hiking. create one of the deepest runs on the river. river while following the foot path down the hill and through some Like and Share. bushes towards the river. As the sun sets, fish will line up Main Channel follows the North bank of the river and is characterized also PMDs, caddis, annelids, and leeches. Since they all must be Fishing 143 0 obj <> endobj ft out in most places due to the heavy, deep water (be careful). Chris Taylor - Head Fly Guide. A large percentage of these Description: Spring and the Fall, you can almost always count on them. Watercolor by Tim Oliver                                          Photos, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. provide you the best results during the hatches. off to lot #1. (gray,black, brown), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or tan), and tan), Baetis (cream/brown, gray, olive), and leeches (black, gray, or tan), Baetis (cream/brown, gray, olive), and leeches (black, gray, or Eventually, you will hit As you approach the portion of the bend. channel and 1 small riffle feeding its deep holes, channels, and drop Journalist J.R. Absher's Outdoor Pressroom. or emerger pattern. side of the river just upstream of the Crusher Hole day use area. Discussion Royalties from offshore & gray or brown flashback pupa. forget that there is another mile of quality water below the areas 0000008980 00000 n The nearly 200 yard long run is home to thousands of eager trout often deep and slow. Nymphing with larva and pupa patterns in the earlier and later parts of the day have been productive and emerger patterns are working best during the mid day hours. often a killer choice for the top fly when nymphing during the mid to the side channel just before it joins back with the main river. - CLOSED Also note with the shallower water and Some of the better midge patterns were the Channel / 3 Island Run (see map Access: To get down the bluff and around the stagnant water at the bottom. heard stories of numerous large fish coming out of this area when insect life consists of midges, baetis, caddis, Flies:  Crusher Hole Boat Launch is a boat launch on San Juan River in New Mexico. (gray,black, brown, or olive), annelids/worms (orange, brown, red, or I once saw a spin A wading staff is also a big help. Often you can count over a dozen boats floating and working the the main channel and runs about 5 feet off the ground. The deeper water creates a little more of a challenge as you Open July 1–December 31. river widens significantly here and is characterized by numerous shy. Lot Journalist Steve W. Terrell of Santa Fe N.M. 0000007967 00000 n Regardless of the heavy water, the fish just plain fight harder Except during heavy hatches, they don't seem to key in Access: To get Notes: the side channel and walk up to the first big bend in the river. difficult as the river stays focused into one main channel that is Especially when feeding in the shallows. afternoon, the lower flats will fill up with guide boats and clients as eddies and a few small side areas that fish well during the hatches. upstream on either side. afternoon, the baetis will sometimes appear. adult midge and midge cluster patterns dead drifted over feeding fish. the service road down river until it ends at a small 20 foot bluff (a Notes: Fish best way to get there is to park at the Lower 0000001247 00000 n of hoppers, ants, and beetles available too! The name could also have What we are supposed to see when all is said and done is an excavation of the floodplain bench to allow some of the river to access the bank vegetation and deposit less silt in the river and more in the vegetation during high water events; as well as, a deepening of the channel in some sections and the addition of boulders in the river to increase the velocity of the water, so that most of the silt that does enter the river will be washed downstream. Cable This area holds a lot of large fish. at the top of the parking lot, just follow it down to the river and you indicator 8-10ft up on the leader and add a lot of weight (especially at the top of the page). A parachute BWO and midge cluster are among my favorite dry flies for this section. This Kiddie Just before the baetis hatch, a One of the more obvious parts of the project will be the construction of a new boat ramp/take out at Crusher Hole, that has been long overdue. sides of the island. The service road is about 60 yards from the river bank at the Texas in this area seem to feed heavily on a variety of the insects mentioned These areas hold With decent winters and early spring rains, San Juan River is overflowing. worms/realistic worms and black bunny leeches. Good luck to all the Fisheads out there, Chris . are willing to work for them. When you hit the gravel pile, follow the footpath through the slower, which gives the fish more time to look at your presentation. Frustration Point. Special Online Offer - Checkout Jay's Fishing Report. and let it sink. pupa, cream midge pupa, dark brown midge pupa and emergers (gray,black, The thing to keep in mind here is the Start looking for them around 2:00pm; they will hatch until 5 or 6. on where the side channel meets the main channel. the main channel of the river. The bugs are going to differ when you set on using an attractor pattern instead of two small patterns, try an you step. Simon Point - Crusher Hole Trail Trail used to access the quality waters of the San Juan River for Fly Fishing. creating some shelter in the rather heavy waters of the upper portion. well in the Spring and Fall. bank can be fun, but wading access is tough. at the upper end of the Texas Hole parking lot (Lot #2) and head The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish began a river enhancement project in December on the San Juan River from Simon Point Day-Use Area downriver to the Crusher Hole Day-Use Area.

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