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Sawyer/OC, Based on the TV show, LOST. The survivors keep this from Claire but she notices them treating her differently and eventually, Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace) tells her about Ethan's threats when Claire demands an explanation. Place Once there Danielle asked Claire where to next. She enlisted the help of Sun and Jin and Claire told them her plan to capture one of the gulls and attach a message to it. An excited Claire told her friend Rachel, the news on the way to see Richard Malkin, who claimed to be a psychic. Or; Charlie Pace, and the people he left behind. She says she cannot pay for a lawyer and seems to try to drop the conversation until she gives in after learning it would be free because of a 'favor'. Sometime later, Claire was working in a tattoo and piercing parlor. Unsure that there wasn't more hidden explosives, they planned to leave on Widmore's submarine. Ray Shephard - GrandfatherChristian Shephard - FatherCarole Littleton - MotherLindsey Littleton - Aunt Margo Shephard - Step-mother Jack Shephard - Half-Brother Sarah Wagner - Ex-sister-in-law Thomas - Ex-boyfriend Aaron Littleton - Son Charlie Pace - Soulmate. ("What Kate Did") ("The 23rd Psalm"). Set after the events of the episode "Numbers." Reason For Trip "It's kinda, uh, weird, right?" When she pulled it out, Charlie became unsettled and Claire assumed he was keeping it for spiritual value. ("Left Behind"), The next day, Claire began to feel deeply ill. Charlie, who at the time was across the camp, heard Aaron crying and rushed to Claire's tent, where he found her passed out cold. ("Par Avion"), Sometime later, while working at the Fish & Fry restaurant for five dollars an hour, Claire's path seemed to be dead-end and predictable. Claire seemed bizarrely content in the cabin, showing little concern about Aaron and smiling faintly at Christian's words to Locke, especially when Locke said he knew that he had to save the Island. She then tells him about the psychic she talked too and why she was going to Los Angeles. This sounds insane as both "Smokey" and Jacob commissioned the Others as on-the-ground protectors of the island. Outside David and Claire find their table, table 23. He gives Claire a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, which is to leave the next day, insisting it has to be that flight — and that flight only — that she must take. Claire, wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, looked over Aaron in his room as Kate came barging in, as she thought it was an intruder. Claire approached him that night and in the days that followed, saying that she wanted to trust him, and though Charlie, traumatized, resisted at first, they eventually went on walks together. Claire locks eyes with Charlie, and they both feel the first stirrings of recognition. Now stuck on the island with an over protective brother, a sweet talking Southerner, and no idea what's going on, will she survive the Island and it's many secrets? ("One of Us"). Claire Littleton è un personaggio della serie televisiva Lost, interpretata da Emilie de Ravin. One of the Others kidnapped her, and she suffered amnesia after the escape. Death theories Is dead * Claire is dead (allowing for the idea she may be "dead" in the same sense that Christian Shepard is dead). Charlie saw she was clearly not well and tried to convince her to go back to bed, but she collapsed in his arms. Claire conjectured that since she wasn't a candidate, the Man in Black didn't need her for his plan, but he emphatically replied that he did. And further, though the island seems to have some prohibition against birthed children on its real-estate (the exceptions being ETHAN ROM and the child saved with Juliet Burke's "miracle" cure, Danielle's baby survives and grows. Beyond the Island, there is another force at work in the world. - After Sawyer rescues Claire, he asks if she is all right. The two then went their separate ways. Desmond came clean and described his visions, in which Charlie died trying to get one of the birds, shocking Claire significantly. Claire remained on Hydra Island while the Man in Black went to "finish what he started." But rescue is not coming any time soon. We know that Ben was ordered to kill the child on orders of Charles Widdmore. What if the cage wasn't a cage... what if it was an Island?What if the only thing to guard it was a lone angel?What if one day, eons from the beginning, a demon and two hunters came poking where they didn't belong?Maybe this is just how the world is supposed to end. "The Last Recruit""The End" Claire decided that she wasn't ready. She then told him about the psychic she talked too and why she was going to Los Angeles. ("The End"). Born on October 27, 1982, in Australia, Claire was raised by Carole Littleton, a single mother who had become pregnant as a result of an affair with Claire's father, Christian Shephard. Claire reveals that she's been searching for Aaron and believes the people in the Temple have him. Years later, Claire becomes pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Thomas (Keir O'Donnell). They searched the station, where Claire found the boot she had knitted for Aaron, which activated another memory. Jack then replies that he had not decided who's side he's on, but Claire said that he decided who's side he was on when he let the Man in Black talk to him. Kate told Claire that she should keep the baby, then left. ("Raised by Another")  ("Maternity Leave"), Claire awoke with no memory of the events since the flight. During a conversation with Charlie about how he always made a joke of things, Claire found a Virgin Mary statue in his bag. Kate wants her to start pushing but Claire is still not ready and is frightened. One afternoon, Claire was in a supermarket car park when she was suddenly attacked by a masked man. Josh apologizes, but Claire assures him she is fine. Why Claire didn't time travel like the other survivors did. Ethan gave her regular injections and showed her a possible nursery for her baby, but a teenage girl at the station warned her against the doctors who planned to deliver and take the child. Scared by his vehemence, Claire says she plans to have the baby adopted. If we count the finale billing, Boone and Libby are also included. They eventually found Rousseau and Claire ordered Danielle to take them back to the place where she scratched her. Claire was manipulated and later driven insane (really l-o-o-n-y) by the "Man in Black"; The "Smoke Monster", otherwise revealed as the 'dead' "Christain Sheppard". Locke had arrived to banish Kate from the Barracks as punishment for taking Miles to see Ben.

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