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Mr. Wetherbee is sealed as a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society, their highest certification. "He's doing a good job," says principal Ritchie Stevenson. He says, "It's not the science, I can do that. He has appeared at the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism, Armstrong State University and at Georgia Southern University, and continues to write for neighborhood newspapers while blogging daily online plus Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and You Tube. Maybe the better quote is ‘Claim victory and depart the field. “And we’ll make it a great day!”. He’s a history buff and enjoys true rock and roll (think Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins). The 'World's Worst Cat' Is Now Living The Good Life. “Weather is a passion for me. Senior Meteorologist Bill Race is a familiar face in the Tennessee Valley. john wetherbeenull.font-opensans { font-family: "Open Sans", Sans-Serif; }. ", He's still talking about the weather; but to a somewhat different audience. It’s been a wild week, and it’s just going to get wilder,” said local weather forecaster Pat Valdasto. “As you can see, she’s a high-strung, nervous wreck !”. He’s also started to use weather graphics made from images of Betty, including one where her tail appears to hold up an umbrella and another where her tail points at the forecasted temperature. “We should all be inspired to repurpose things that would otherwise end up in a landfill.”. '” Looks like even he’s nervous about Betty the Weather Cat taking his place! Neal has been a valuable part of our Storm Track 9 team and has served this community for 25 … WRCB Storm Alert Weather. If you are not a current Alpha, Betty the Weather Cat is coming for your jobs, . Bloomberg said that the Monopoly Man beat out other worthy Vice Presidential candidates that were under consideration, including Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich, and a tiny metal top hat. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office experienced “catastrophic data loss” on its 13-year-old data storage servers, resulting in the loss of over a year’s worth of dashboard camera footage for 130 patrol deputies and the department’s massive stash of funny cat videos. “I’m six-foot-nine, which is usually bigger than most folks. “What a team…”, And he’s a HUGE college football fan. “Don’t stow away your galoshes just yet! “Every night, he sleeps on a giant mountain of gold coins, and it’s true that he named his oldest daughter ‘Capital Gains,'” said Bloomberg about the Monopoly Man, also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags. And he was inducted in 2014 for “career achievements” into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. "I could see myself doing this for about ten more years," he says. “I can’t tell if Betty is enjoying the whole Work-From-Home setup or not,” Lyons wrote in an April 9 Facebook post alongside an image of the fluffy cat reclined in his arms as he stood in front of a weather graphic. He's also known to enjoy attending WWE events, but you won’t catch him cheering on any particular wrestler because he doesn’t want to make any of the other contestants mad! Watch out newscasters, Betty the Weather Cat is coming for your jobs.Due to stay at home orders, meteorologist Jeff Lyons of WFIE’s 14 News team has converted his living room into his new office. Lyons said, “W.C Fields famously said: ‘Never work with kids and animals.’ I should heed that advice, but I think I’ve been replaced. Neal is doing well. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office experienced “catastrophic data loss” on its 13-year-old data storage servers, resulting in the loss of over a year’s worth of dashboard camera footage for 130 patrol deputies and the department’s massive stash of funny cat videos. Names used in articles are fictional, unless those of public figures or entities as the subject of satire. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. This site is satire, fiction, and intended only for those age 18 and over. All rights reserved. Fulci for Fake is a new film from Italian filmmaker Simone Scafidi. “These cats are so cute, they make Keyboard Cat look like a clump of moist hairballs in comparison.”, “We also had this great collection of dashcam bloopers, and that’s lost forever, too,” said Zernot. W.C Fields famously said: ‘Never work with kids and animals.’ I should heed that advice, but I think I’ve been replaced. Betty’s fame continued to climb, appearing in a later broadcast giving herself a tongue bath as Lyons discussed weather in Evansville. “The outpouring for this silly cat has been crazy,” he said. to make sure her lighting meets her standards before a broadcast. “I can’t believe it,” said the office’s information technology administrator, Ashley Zernot. Police data storage failure results in loss of dashcam footage, funny cat videos, Bloomberg announces Monopoly Man as VP running mate, Monday forecast: sunny 70 degrees, then snow, floods, blood rain, plagues of locusts, frogs, chicken parts, Repurposing Hershey’s syrup bottle as water bottle best thing a Republican has done in years, Using a repurposed Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle as a water bottle, I may have herpes, but at least I don’t have COVID-19 – by Twisty, Coffee News to pick up publishing Right2Know after TFP drops it, Rhonda Thurman ceremonially shaves opponent’s head after election win, Satan announces SFEST after JFEST is officially canceled, City Council schedules 143 Zoom meetings to hear citizens’ police concerns, Local upscale supper club to offer artisanal hand jobs, Trump names The Brian Joyce as his favorite Twitter account, Republic Parking now accepts severed arms, legs as payment. He's now a 6th grade science teacher at Lake Forest Middle School in Bradley County. And there’s a dog, two cats and three fish. Here's How She Won Us Over. Betty is the cat of Jeff Lyons, the chief meteorologist at NBC affiliate 14 News in Indiana. "Using his communication skills, Pascal livens up his class with some lessons in a game show format. He's determined to do a good job, and his fellow teachers are giving him some good tips on classroom management.". True to his giving nature, Bill gives his time and effort to multiple community service and fundraising projects, but his true calling is weather. Forecaster / Traffic Anchor at WTVC News Channel 9 in Chattanooga, TN. And although he won't rule out a return to television in the future, he says he's enjoying his new classroom assignment. Senior Meteorologist Bill Race is a familiar face in the Tennessee Valley. So I’m stuck with it.”  And he’s “big” in our community, our town. “Our collection of funny cat videos was legendary, and now they’re all gone.”, “About half of these videos weren’t ever on YouTube or Facebook,” said Zernot. Melissa, 27, was the weekend meteorologist at Channel 9 in 2002-2003. Bill grew up in St. Louis and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from St. Louis University. He picked her up, and the rest was history. When he’s not on television, Bill lives at home with his cat, Jerry. “But in my expert opinion, I think God or Shiva or Cthulhu is angry with us, and we are all going to die horrible, painful deaths soon.”. He is a sealed and certified radio and TV meteorologist, working as Chief Meteorologist for the CBS TV stations in Atlanta and Savannah, and TV stations in Nashville and Chattanooga, and radio stations in many markets including Ohio, California, Portland, Chicago, Indianapolis, Athens and Atlanta. He’s been part of the StormTrack 9 Team for more than 30 years and can currently be seen providing weekend weather reports for NewsChannel 9. Paul Barys, David Karnes, Brittany Beggs and Alison Pryor: Chattanooga's best weather team - Chattanooga Times Free Press "Best of the Best" reader's poll. CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB)- Neal Pascal was a popular meteorologist in Chattanooga for more than 30 years, and until last August was our weekend forecaster here at Channel 3. . A story about a TV meteorologist last week caused a thunderbolt response from one of the weatherman's competitors. Betty the weathercat is our new favorite TV purr-sonality. Using a repurposed Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle as a water bottle by Tennessee State Representative Kent Calfee has been widely recognized as the best thing a Republican has done in years. His ratings have gone up with viewers from Australia, Spain, and England tuning in just to get a glimpse of the cat in action. His cat, Betty, loves attention, and she likes being a part of these reports now that, During one of Lyon’s recent reports, Betty walked over demanding to be pet—as is her right. Today is National Voter Registration Day! I have my studio and green screen set up in the dining room. “They were traded on the dark web, which is where you find the absolute funniest, cutest cat videos out there.”, “You’ve got to dig and know the right people to find the good stuff,” said Zernot. In 1997 he started his RADIO WEATHER SERVICE, providing a one-of-a-kind lifestyle weather forecasts to, as of last count, 161 different radio stations in all time zones, and three networks. There, he takes a look at who in the world is watching his reports. he credits his fellow teachers at Lake Forest with helping him learn a new career. “My favorite is one where an officer is pulling over this gorgeous lady, and as he bends over to talk through the driver’s window, he accidentally lets rip this thunderous fart.”. But managing a classroom is a whole new skill for me, and sixth graders can be very energetic. It has been so important throughout my life and I really hope that shows as I do my best to help our viewers be prepared and safe of what’s coming our way.”. “Next time, I guess I’ll backup everything on floppy disks or Jaz drives or something,” said Zernot. The native of Abbeville, S.C., graduated magna cum laude from the University … It hasn't been easy, but I'm getting there, getting better at it every day. Chief Meteorologist Neal Pascal is leaving WTVC. Big John is familiar to audiences all over the country for years as meteorologist, tv personality, radio personality, radio program director and general manager. Maybe the better quote is ‘Claim victory and depart the field. “You’re tuning in to watch the cat, I realize that, but it’s going to be cold tonight,” Lyons said. Part of HuffPost News. It’s nice to have a 30-second commute after the late news.”, Betty will sometimes even get a camera test. Lyons recently started incorporating a. Copyright 2020 Chattanooga Bystander. Lyons has been filming his weather segments from home during the coronavirus pandemic, and his forecasts picked up many new fans after Betty started, well, stealing the show. Lyons told Bored Panda that his beloved pet’s newfound stardom has “really thrown me for a loop!”. “Bravo, Mr. Calfee, bravo, you magnificent nature-loving cheapskate,” said Starlight. 77K likes. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on your website. “Hail Satan” license plates now available in Tenn. The image went viral, and Lyons subsequently posted a video showing the broadcast, along with Betty’s behind-the-scenes antics. Couple Who Helped Famous Tubby Tabby Slim Down Have Adopted Another Viral Fat Cat, How To Prepare For Your Pets In Case Of A Coronavirus Emergency. It’s no surprise she’s taken on this starring role with ease and grace. “Yes, WETHERBEE is my real last name,” says “Big” John Wetherbee. “Working from home has been an adventure. The meteorologist also did a Facebook Live Q&A segment about “Betty the Weathercat,” where he revealed the longhaired feline became a part of the Lyons family when she showed up at their windowsill as a kitten years ago. But they don't scare me," he says with a smile.He's just installed a new outdoor weather station at Lake Forest, which he plans to use as a teaching tool.

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