can you use weibo outside of china

I'm from the Philippines, i would like to know if there are ways to change the email address used in account creation for Weiboo. Through the wallet, users can make payments within Weibo for any product someone shares or links to within the app. Like many other social media platforms, Weibo also features display advertisements, which include pop-up advertisements (support pictures, videos, and gifs) upon opening the app, traditional banner ads, etc. Just so simple, you’ve got your Weibo account. Even though it has starter as a very similar to Twitter platform, and went on to a more Facebook side, these days it is quite a different tool altogether. Hopefully this will provide more marketers with the opportunity to make use of this incredible platform. © Copyright 2019 Dragon Social Ltd. – All Right Reserved. I already writte to you an email, I would like to advertise on Weibo and sell on Weibo, it is possible to have a Weibo Shop ? The company posted an official announcement Friday with a deadline of September 15, but didn't state what would happen to accounts that weren't verified. The event message and information of the organizer can be spread and reach a lot of people across China rapidly, given that there are more than 462 million MAUs on Weibo. Mostly, advertisers like to pay some Weibo KOLs to help them in this way, due to the large base of KOLs fans. Many brands have benefited greatly from highly influential celebrities mentioning products in their posts. Posts related to new product launches, advertising/promotional campaigns, and festive greetings can be shared to foster interaction and update consumers constantly. I don’t have acess to a Chinese phone number, so I have not been able to try that, but I have tried with the phone numbers of a few friends, all of which also could not receive the SMS message with the verification code. Even they don’t follow newspapers and magazines, they also could find the most hot news and social topic on Weibo through Hot Channel. This is especially powerful in a country where consumers are so sceptical of businesses. And here are the two apps that you might want to try out! Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Once the topic is searched, users would be directed to a designated page, which may be the brand account, fan page, etc. Can you advise me on this regard? This method could help you stick on the recommend part of your potential followers. And, is it the personal and verified account have the similar process in modifying it's email address? You will be required to verify your identity via SMS verification code. Here we will try to answer to the two most frequently asked questions: In comparison to other mainstream online platforms Weibo has invaluable KOL functions, enabling brands to: Unlike any other social media platform, Weibo has a substantial integrated celebrity resource, with over 30% of celebrity users and 91% of KOLs with 1-10 million followers.

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