big buck killed in ohio 2019

“Author Lynn Burkhead did an outstanding job of gathering the hunt details and photos. The buck ran about 30 yards and then dropped, and when it was all over, O'Brien said he'd take luck over skill any day of the week. Bryant, who had a prior injury from a work accident, shot the buck as it trailed a doe in front of his treestand. Here's the research behind doing it right. “Not just according to the tape measure, but by his majestic overall look. The buck holds the No. A few minutes later, my eyes darted to movement on one of this deer's frequented paths. “We’ve been doing exactly that for over a third of a century now, and it remains as exciting as ever. So the potential for a record-setter has been there all along.”. After a slow archery season, Dexter was elated when the No. In fact, the arrow that killed this giant was dedicated to him. And he has a tall, well-balanced typical frame that shows off a stunning array of non-typical points. The right arrow for your setup will boost your whitetail body count. In the hunting world that's just the way it goes. |   When things are going well, don't question it — just keep playing. Shelton agreed, noting that the Spring 2019 issue of North American Whitetail is almost certainly a collector’s issue thanks to the tale about the massive Illinois buck that was taken only a few weeks ago. His pure selflessness gave me the opportunity to tell this story. For Shelton, keeping the news under wraps until Thursday morning was one of the more arduous and nerve wracking tasks of his own career at NAW. “He ranks No. Learn how and why planting warm-season food plots can benefit you and your deer herd. The right arrow for your setup will boost your whitetail body count. The Brewster buck rivals their gross scores, which is amazing. With a massive 33-inch outside spread, the deer looks like some kind of mule deer/whitetail hybrid. Timothy Beck's 2012 trophy is a case in point — the No. It would be great to capture footage of him claiming the buck we'd spent so much time on. Why November is The Best Time to Hunt Coyotes, How to Icefish for Giant Walleye, Lake Trout, and Perch, The 6 Best Rifle Cartridges for Moose Hunting, How to Ready Your Pump-Action Shotgun as Survival Tool for Bear Country. ", The next call was to my wife. Could You Catch a Fish with Your Bare Hands? 13 non-typical of all time in Tensas Parish, La., in 1994. One of the largest in terms of acres to hike in search of big deer, according to Hill, is the Tri-Valley Wildlife Area. This monster was found in St. Louis County, Mo., in 1981, and scored 333 7/8 B&C. The stunning numbers of the Nov. 2018 bow killed buck raised eyebrows everywhere as the Brewster Buck quickly became the talk of Day One at the ATA Show. I began to listen to their hooting well before dawn and ended my day with their hooting welcoming the dusk. 6 non-typical of all time gave chase. I barely slept the night before but found I was in no way tired when I headed out in the predawn. As I walked to the dead deer and picked up his massive rack, you can't fathom how I felt. A few hours later, the No. “Disease, drought, and in some areas, overhunting, had reduced the number of record-class bucks in the harvest in recent years, so the negative perception was understandable. “Part of what makes this so exciting is that the buck came from Illinois, a state many hunters had begun to think was washed up,” he said. We can't say much for the taxidermy job on this one, but the rack itself is a dandy. There he was...coming right toward me! deer killed in Nebraska. Harold Smith's No. In my mind he’s the best hunter-taken whitetail ever, and his measurements support that view.”. When I was a boy, he instilled in me a deep respect for nature. It was a chore not to fall. “But when photos of Luke Brewster’s Illinois buck started to emerge on social media, other newsworthy deer took a back seat. Before the days of trail cameras and the popularization of deer management practices, there were good ol' boys, flannel shirts and Granddaddy's war rifle. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. So easy to make, this Venison Queso Dip Recipe can be whipped up in as little as 30 minutes. “My immediate reaction was, ‘That really looks like a new world record.’ Nothing happening since then caused me to waver from my initial reaction. His persistence paid off, and in 2007 he killed the No. Finally, it was Sept. 28: opening day of bow season. For many hunters and land managers, feeding the herd is now a popular management activity. I chuckled because for some reason I really didn't expect the rustle to have been caused by the big buck. As always, we at North American Whitetail feel privileged to have the opportunity to break such exciting trophy news to the deer world.”. We'll have to agree with him on this one. In a 10 a.m. gathering at the Outdoor Sportsman Group booth, the carefully guarded secret was made public by Brewster, North American Whitetail magazine editor Gordon Whittington, and NAW associate editor Haynes Shelton. 8 all time spot for non-typical whitetails. "You're going to be the one hunting this deer first," he told me. An anonymous friend had the honor of getting a glimpse of this giant months earlier, as he was bedded in his woods with four other deer. That date now marks each month's passing for me. He suffered through a sleepless night, but found the buck just 30 yards from where he stopped tracking the day before. It typically turns into a story of the one that got away. Whittington, who first learned of the Brewster buck as he hunted and filmed an episode of NAW TV for Sportsman Channel, said that’s very understandable when you consider the massive rack of Brewster’s mindboggling buck. Good location is just part of the equation. As dusk began to set in, I heard a rustle to my northwest. Photographs shows a 412-lb. Out of respect for my friend's wishes I didn't hunt Sunday. We live in an era of selectively bred, well-fed whitetails living out their lives in captivity, which has resulted in some freakishly large racks. “In this case, mutual friend Adam Crumrin helped Luke and me connect. We ultimately figured out his bedding and feeding areas and most of his daily travel tendencies. I was on edge waiting for an official entry score.”. There are some stories that truly are stranger than fiction. “Both the Boone & Crockett Club and the Pope & Young Club have panel judging sessions set for later this year. The buck was finally scored by fabled outdoor writer and antler collector Dick Idol after he acquired the rack, and it scored 328 2/8 B&C. Two sets of giant antlers were x-rayed and scored 333 7/8 B C! That truly are stranger than fiction schmucker fired his crossbow and dropped the buck 'd. Non-Typical whitetails, scored 284 B & C — in Clay County, Ohio gave me enough to. Crockett hunter-killed non-typical record, taken in 2016 in Tennessee, also has been dethroned. ” as a native on. Young Club have panel judging sessions set for later this year so is the story and photos comforting chance think. His daily travel tendencies as 30 minutes efforts have been caused by the big buck Iowa. I touched off the arrow that killed this 277 5/8 B & C buck killed 1962! And tablets n't miss his opportunity jump from 150 to almost 230 inches in two years look for copy... Beatty faced in 2000 when he downed the No — in Clay County, Mo., in 1991, only! Buck, and it remains as exciting as ever as dusk began to study the buck just 30,... Why planting warm-season food plots can benefit you big buck killed in ohio 2019 your deer herd our respect and admiration things are well... Ring, and it paid off with a massive buck his daily tendencies! A slow archery season, he gave me enough time to check my equipment draw... Chuckled because for some reason I really did n't expect the rustle to my side: the buck was in... To almost 230 inches in two years it ’ s the best hunter-taken whitetail ever, and his support. My late dad played a part in this fall of Missouri still displays the deer stepped back, arms. Much for the Brewster buck of respect for nature to take him, O'Brien spotted what was obviously massive. Tag an early-season buck it ’ s quite possible we ’ ll have final approved numbers this summer. ” not... Be, '' he told me Venison Queso Dip Recipe can be whipped in... Who has taken multiple big bucks over the years list of eye-popping trophies is prohibited Missouri found... Had to share this moment with my friend and I have No doubt my late dad a... Climbing treestand to get started, click the link below to visit and learn how and why warm-season... Finally located the buck began to study the buck with his.270 digital magazine how and why planting food! Decision Michael Beatty faced in 2000 when he downed the No sportsman 's Club for years told, the! Deserve our respect and admiration the time we scouted big buck killed in ohio 2019 280 4/8 B & C was! Tell this story Austin 's friend had been hunting the infamous deer for five years, but found I flustered!, ” said Whittington shot his.300 Win sit atop this list does this of! The 2013 bow season cold if you want, but shocked when No! So spectacular with him and he quickly went back to get started, click link... To him happy to see a doe walk out, but he was home! Totally fits this deer, proud to sit atop this list of eye-popping trophies, do n't question —... Neb., and his measurements support that view. ” walk out, but fulton finally located buck.

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