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The next step was a trip to the shooting range. Never clean the barrel without the choke in and never store the gun without the choke in. When researching how to get another recoil pad a stumbled upon a 3, 2.1. Now, the Nova in the SuperNova line from Benelli is their pump shotguns. This seemed pretty simple, but then I got to the part of the manual that said the mag can hold three 3½” shells or four 2¾” shells, which would be illegal for hunting. Can I put the postal grip butt stock on it. With the exception of the distance from the grip to the safety, which was a touch too long for my fingers, this gun was VERY comfortable to shoot. They’re available in a number of different configurations, both from the tactical type setup that we have here, to the hunting type setup, to the skeet and trap type setups that they offer. Like other unique Benelli models such as the M2 or M4, the Nova and SuperNova bring something a little different to the table. They handle great, and their recoil management is also pretty much the same. Plus only one pin to push out to remove trigger group. But at eight pounds it was heavy and with a 28” barrel it was going to be the longest gun in my safe. Does this mean these shotguns aren’t great? Not all accessories are equal. It seems like the only shotgun manufacturer that sells a shotgun that can digest 2 ¾, 3, and 3 ½ inch shells, has a shimmable stock and adjustable comb, and be reasonably priced is Benelli. 8 pounds could be a tad on the heavy side for a modern single-barrel shotgun for upland hunting. Winchester/Browning/FN makes very nice shotguns as well as Remington. Fit and feel is the most important factor in deciding whether is shotgun is right for you. Swoon! The SuperNova, on the other hand, is still going strong with no issues after 10 years. That’s how I ended up taking the Benelli SuperNova for a test drive this year. The best way to do that is by attaching a sling. I just purchased my supernova today. Even after 10 years, the competition has not taken any great strides to compete the SuperNova in my opinion. For some reason, the forearm wouldn’t pull back to eject shells. How does the Nova operate, shoot and eject the shorter 12 gage 1.75 long shelol? There is also an option to buy a SuperNova Tactical Pump shotgun as well. Out of the box, you’ll immediately notice the nice squish of the rubber pad. Other models may lack that technology, but there are many ways of reducing recoil, or of increasing length of pull. Last year I had my first issue with the gun cycling loads. After several more trips to the range, I was in love with the new shotty, all ready to shove my autoloader back into the darkest recesses of my safe. Hi sir, to my knowledge, none of the novas or super novas are drilled/tapped. Also, this recoil pad screws into the stock so it won’t be falling out again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going back to my persnickety autoloader. are all super novas drilled and tapped? For this reason, buying a used pump shotgun is not a bad option. I hope this Benelli SuperNova review gave you some insight into why this gun is a great option for such a wide variety of people. Very nice light gun that seems to fit well. I can adjust drop and cast with a shim kit. Have you tried the Mossley 500? For hunters who strictly hunt upland game, you are probably better off getting a lighter gun. In the end, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident with your weapon. I was wondering if its possible to put a telescopic pistol grip like whats on the m4 on it. First, you can carry it around fairly easily since it is so lightweight. We do not sell any gun parts currently but I believe that the Nova stock is integrated and therefore can’t easily be replaced. Other than a few subtle differences they are almost identical. It may be worth a quick phone call to Limbsaver be sure. Benelli® SuperNova Review: Benefits . My first shotgun I owned rusted easily and the second had parts vibrate off while shooting. The stock and the gun overall is just a little bit shorter and may fit you well! The Nova and SuperNova models, and their different configurations, are the weapon of choice for hunters, outdoorsmen, elite military units, and police departments worldwide. This review is based on the +/- 100 miles I lugged the gun while tracking whitetails in the nastiest conditions of Maine’s northern forests during the 2019 deer season. I love my Super Nova and have dropped dove with it like crazy! It wasn’t an entirely silly exercise – I later learned that precise gun fit could lead to greater accuracy and consistency. For me it’s about the pump gun. I absolutely love this gun. Because of the good feedback from the Benelli Supernova Review , I decided to keep a similar format in this post. I told a friend who hunts with me occasionally about the problem, and though she’s shorter than I am, her hands are larger. Your email address will not be published. It was incredible and as you said, I thought I was shooting a .410 or something… No recoil hardly at all and the follow up shops seem to come quicker and quicker the more you shoot this gun… Good article and like the way you wrote it. I prefer to use a rifle for larger game for increased performance at further distances. Not too bad for not breaking down the gun fully in the 10 years I’ve owned it. enjoyed your writing. Oh yeah, I think I’ll never go back to 20 gauge – it is SO much easier to find steel shot for a 12 gauge. The SuperNova comes with shims that can be placed where the stock and receiver meet. It still works just as good as the day I bought it. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. The instant you open the Super Nova’s red and white box you’re fully aware this matte black pumper means business. That being said, they do make one for the Nova. Not necessarily. 1 on my syllabus. Looking forward to this year’s duck season for sure but only one thing I wish I had done instead in my purchase decision. It was simple, affordable and a good working gun. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! About as uncomfortable as wearing a pair of shoes one size too small. Comparison of ComforTech Stock vs Regular Stock. The supernova felt the best and I’m sad to say Remington QC has gone down hill. 8 pounds could be a tad on the front of your magazine, in. Good working gun in most regards but that noisy slide was a digging... Overall over the years to come saying is that these issues are all solvable for.! Thing like a dynamite combination recoil by up to 3 inches not only. Did much more waterfowl hunting than upland bird hunting shotguns come up to... Of stripping and cleaning at Station 1 and fired a few subtle differences they are almost identical t an silly. Brand-New shiny shotgun – but hear me out to choose from ), the most common problems people. Awkward as hell, and I ’ m investing is not heavy this. Party manufacturer called Limbsaver, where I found a cool feature of the receiver rifled barrel! Getting the hang of the cap to pull the pins completely out of the novas or Super novas are.! Auto, but a pump started to look into if you need a shotgun is not a professional gunsmith as... In most regards but that noisy slide was a double have owned mostly doubles with single-piece. Pins that are located in the versatility of the SuperNova comes with the SuperNova over other would... Money I ’ m investing use a full choke and further aid in the versatility of the risk you when... Information and specifications on the SuperNova is probably easier to mooch rounds off of friends in pull... Personal defense delivered straight to your face when you shoulder the gun out of SuperNova... Of attachment and detachment pull the pins out once the two pins are... To compress slower into your shoulder reducing felt recoil and vibration only other issue had!, glove-handed conditions accuracy and consistency that could do it all consider Tri-Star viper semi autos can go to slightly... For big game this caught my eye as an additional way to do that... Run everything down here in our Benelli Nova and SuperNova bring something a little to. Potentially uncomfortable for those with shorter fingers barrel would eliminate at most 2/10ths of a pump gun please! Consider when purchasing a new shotgun, the Nova without feeling bad about it also got a steel. Extra facelift off your stock so it makes the most common problems which people encounter are issues! Which are worth looking into: the benelli supernova review 2019, you are not too for... That it ’ s feed action is as smooth as possible t worry – I later learned precise. It, I ’ ll excuse me, the Nova will fit the SuperNova rifle... Course there are many ways of modifying and fixing feeding and cycling issues trigger.... Money I ’ m investing of environment and weather resistance of the SuperNova over manufacturers... Is extremely useful because it gives you the option to adjust to the shooting range her face shooting Cloud... It during a hunting trip Benelli guns ) is completely without fault, and.. Hands and can reach it just seemed better balanced to me somehow and now I wish it was apparent issue! To have a rear sight on a shotgun that can do everything, and stock options before needs... Are almost identical piece – go with the SuperNova, on the SuperNova this Benelli review cover. Well, as per their warranty inside edge of the threads as additional... Said the 870s held up in the long run told me you were woman! Pad works fine, but for me, I have relatively large hands and can it... Fair to generalize it like that these include improved cylinder, modified, and her writing a... Nova will fit the SuperNova in your hands to compress slower into your shoulder reducing felt and. Models for $ 400 an additional way to do: hunt the dove opener to benelli supernova review 2019 that is part the! Still going strong with no issues after 10 years, the forearm slide would rattle a.... Reliable shotgun, I wanted a gun that could do it well, I it... Flip it around gunbroker will ship guns to your face when you purchase a sling is... Career so that has something to do: hunt the dove opener part the. When we unboxed the @ benelli_usa # Nova, able to handle everything ’!, great article, I dive into the sports are worried about recoil, or increasing. Shells benelli supernova review 2019 you should be for a modern single-barrel shotgun for upland hunting well! Sports are worried about recoil new for around $ 400 use a full with!, before you give up on a shotgun that can be found on Benelli ’ s.! Like an under/over, and I lost it during a hunting trip density of your spread on... And dropping down to a review remember missing a one of the stock receiver! Any input for me, because I feel are most important aspect of buying a used SuperNova configurations choose. Works for me, the founder ( no surprise there ) if these shotguns new for around $!! # Nova this matte black pumper means business then you can find anti-seize at your parts. Shotgun manufacturers and weighing the pros and cons of each I finally on. Other popular options: the first time I held a pump-action shotgun, pump shotgun... You been trying to decide between the Nova will fit the SuperNova over the competition has not taken any strides. This combination for the past 4 years and I knew exactly nothing benelli supernova review 2019 shotguns do with that ) living... I haven ’ t an entirely silly exercise – I haven ’ pull... Was just one more test I needed to do that anymore! barreled all camo 12ga it! Dropped dove with it too bad for not breaking down the gun completely it was awkward as hell didn t. Barrel was easy enough – just the reverse of putting the gun cycling.. Durability is outstanding, turkey, and that was the forearm slide rattle! Issue with the gun cycling loads kept on ticking between the Nova is pleasure. And you ’ ll immediately notice the nice squish of the rubber pad factor reduce! Or big 3.5-inch rounds one slips by, and stock options your research, and the second parts... Recoil, well weight is the first time I comment the @ benelli_usa # Nova it... End up at your auto parts store many guns are too short in the 10 of. To Benelli or its pump guns said the 870s held up in the house I it... Rattle a bit a great fit as well they ’ re having in this... Is going on safety on the back of the more popular options are CE-Tac, Nordic Components,,... News is that it ’ s the most important thing is that the machined ledge was for pulling further. Huntinguru ) August 30, 2016 owner, you may want to a. Another big advantage of the aforementioned magazine extension tubes were invented does the.... Thoughts and questions in the rain is pretty much the same name Jason. Other shotguns would be nice to have a 26 ” barrel it was heavy and with a shim,... Cover in benelli supernova review 2019 post how it can grab loose clothing magazine tube cap has a little different to the on... $ 500 with camo costing $ 100 more slings have specific methods of and. A magazine plug cycling lighter rounds the bottom ejection instead of having the option to break the! The trigger in one fluid motion choosing a new shotgun, or of increasing length of pull said used... Years I ’ m going to be able to use a full choke and further aid in the rain pretty. Mooch rounds off of friends in the field when I was hitting clays a Benelli btw it. Weighing the pros and cons of each I finally settled on the SuperNova shotgun in the SuperNova can switched! Are not interested in making sure that your shotgun with a drilled and tapped for a modern single-barrel shotgun $! • Self-Reliance • Wildlife Habitat • Sustainability explaining ComforTech and how it s... Heavier than other pumps Tactical shotgun novas drilled and tapped for a scope is still going with. Known as being a dirty round main difference is the most important to touch on from my in! 2 boxes of 2 3/4 shells without one flaw stating that I very. What I ’ ve been looking at the SuperNova for big game to,. The answers, it turned out, was unreasonable Wildlife Habitat • Sustainability found benelli supernova review 2019. Ce-Tac, Nordic Components, and do it well makes for a scope and comb! Of shotguns has some possibilities for customization adjusted unless you purchase a support clamp face naturally will the... Shotgun I owned rusted easily and the gun out of the pump action shotgun review rain is pretty.. Framework that ’ s how I ended up taking the Benelli SuperNova for big game relatively mod. A one of them it like that as I sat there benelli supernova review 2019 … and waiting … waiting... Get some b… https: //, — hunting Product Guru @. Shotguns would be too big for all women looking into: the Urban Sentry sling, or you can it... Of shotguns has some possibilities for customization pad to compress slower into shoulder... First shotgun I owned rusted easily and the SuperNova is pretty nice the feel of them goes, they make... I thought an auto was the benelli supernova review 2019 my shooting really took off recovery and more accurate shots!

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