benefits of cinnamon and honey for fertility

If you live in Lagos you can get yje bark of cinnamon at this Indian store at ilupeju after town planning bus stop, I keep forgetting the name. Now, if you have a high level of resistance to insulin, your blood glucose level is increased. This means that if the progesterone and estrogen are slightly affected by this, the cycle will become irregular, thus making the conception process more difficult than it should be. Below are some precautions to keep in mind while taking cinnamon for fertility. You can try there. Here are 4…, Ash gourd, also known as winter melon, wax gourd, white pumpkin, and Chinese watermelon, is a fruit native to parts of Southern Asia. I know that, it hasn’t done any such to me own body. It has been used for years to curb heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia), including heavy bleeding due to endometriosis and uterine fibroids. For example, both are beneficial in the following areas: A mixture of honey and cinnamon has the potential to lower your risk of heart disease, as it may help reduce several of its risk factors. Been TTC for more than a year now. 5 Fun Exercises To Do With your Darling Dog! Pls advise me if this china cinnamon is fine because this is all i have got here. By the end of her period, she would become so pale, every one would be asking her if she had been ill. That went on for a long time, until her parents took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. If you're feeling particularly frisky, it might … I’m TTC and expecting to get pregnant with my second child. pls keep me posted. Both Honey and Cinnamon contain enzymes and amino acid that can help improve your fertility rate. As we have seen, cinnamon is not just a delicious spice, but it has amazing benefits to one’s health. If a woman gets her period, it simply means that she is not conceiving. I will check it out or ask our partner, @tems. This is one of the common questions that most couples ask, especially if they find it hard to get pregnant. You can find all the healthy benefit and uses that you didn’t know about cinnamon. Hi Kemi, thanks for replying. She found somewhere to get her supply of ground cinnamon, she found cinnamon supplements, she made tea from the stuff, and generally, her life always had a dash of cinnamon. I will keep you updated. A hot water pad or hot water bottle can bring comfort and relief during menstruation too. A test-tube study found that cinnamon oil helps protect against antibiotic-resistant bacteria (26, 27). It's thought that caffeine's stimulating effects become less noticeable over time because your body becomes tolerant or less responsive to its effects. It’s called cinnamon Charity. Once it is warm, add the honey. I Used An Egg Donor…But Don’t Tell Anyone!! Word of caution though, it has its side effects, when taken in high dosage. Thanks Kemi ve learnt a lot from this blog.. Will definitely feed back. If you’re a fan of ice cream, you can make a cinnamon ice cream out of it, so it doesn’t feel like a treatment at all. Thanks Kemi for the write up. That’s the thing with alternative medicine, it takes a while for the effect to show Mimi. Yes. god bless u 4 d good work u’r doing. Hi Ms Olawakemi, i am using china cinnamon from the supermarket with honey every night for weight loss. While cinnamon is mainly responsible for regulating normal menstrual cycles, it also helps in fighting the various reasons which are responsible for causing infertility in women such as type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, glucose intolerance and endometrial cancer.

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