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keng. See list of Belter Creole individual articles for a multi-column list of all words in this category.. See also. A - 0-9 - So sasa ke literally means "do you know? English to Belter Translator. b - "Sabe" = You know (Spanish/Portuguese) "Sabez" = I know "Sa-sa" = To know [about] (Possibly derived from Sabe/z?) This article is about a word in the Belter Creole language. Nick is a professional linguist with a deeply rooted understanding of the project. That page is a mish-mash pf both Book Belter and Show Belter. Swear Words, Vulgarity & F-Bombs. Kemang sasa keweting “Belter Creole” imim gonya du ere da Expanse RPG? Press J to jump to the feed. The system described here is the one used by Nick Farmer when discussing the language in the real world, and the one used on this wiki. They (Inners) can’t take our (Belters) water! D - "Right?" It’s not a real language, it’s a word-salad. The RPG follows the book continuity, so go with that if you want to be true to form. I think there was some German and it may have been Portuguese in the books. I studied Spanish and Russian which both influence the creole quite extensively (to the point that I don't need to wonder what they are saying) but I can also detect a little Germanic influence too. :-D. I seriously hope that Nick will publish a Belter Dictionary a la Okuda's Klingon Dictionary of Star Trek flavor. That’s a small step for a person, one giant leap for humanity. Did anyone manage to save those somewhere? A Paine × MacTane Production, created by Hanne Madeleine Gates Paine (it-reaches-out) and Kagan MacTane. (Start with the Belter Wiki; it's very good, friend.). Sasa ke da page de im wa resource mal? I'm planning to do some serious learning in the next month. u/OaktownPirate. Who knows which Belter Creole is the one they will put in the RPG? n - Intended as a guide for Inners who are visiting or working in the Belt. (NOTE: Includes some NSFW language & terms.) Now with female & male vocals! By default, the primary stress falls on the penultimate syllable of a word: If the stress for a particular word is on a different syllable, this is indicated with an accent mark:[13]. Y - J - g - "Sasa ke which side you're on?" when. e seems to be the most common, but a is also seen: In other cases, consonants at the morpheme boundary are elided instead: The basic syllable structure appears to be CVC, where either consonant may be omitted (subject to constraints on vowel and consonant combinations). Pensa ere so, keyá? l - Show lang belta best lang belta. [It has words, it has grammar, it has syntax, and there are many superfans (like me) who are studying it.]. Is his involvement reflected in the books after the show came about? Desh tim detim mang im mowsh leva sif xox. So, I obviously have a bias towards which I’d like to see. I was a language student for my undergrad and had a few linguistics classes, and Belter creole is one of my favorite parts of the series! Like they say, the boss is not your friend. V - N - Consonant clusters appear to be uncommon, and only occur at syllable boundaries; there are no initial or final clusters. Mi wanya ge to ere kapawu lenta fo Lunye. And as talented storytellers as T&D are, they’re not linguists, and book Belter is linguistically gibberish. Oh wow, Gia's actress had a whole series of Vines under the hashtag #SaraSpeaksBelter. Belter does not appear to allow diphthongs or vowels in hiatus. keredu. The Expanse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Expanse is a space opera, mystery-sci-fi drama television series based on the bestselling novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey. Archived. q - a - Greetings & Introductions. r - All Press J to jump to the feed. A Few More Sentences. Cookies help us deliver our Services. keting. Those Inners think we Belters are their slaves. I can't wait! Most letters have similar phonetic values as in English, but there are some differences. It's actually a mix of several Earth languages spoken by the original settlers in the Asteroid Belt colonies — very appropriate, as the Belt is a melting pot of several different races, customs and backgrounds. B - I remember having my translator open while reading. Xídawang lang belta. This is lang belta]. o - "Sasa ke" = Do you know? Believe it or not, Belter slang — or, more officially, Belter Creole — isn't a completely made-up way of communicating. What we're doing in the book is less rigorous and done with a very different set of constraints and goals. This page lists Belter Creole dialogue and text from The Expanse. The Belter name for the language itself is Lang Belta.[2]. Den to na gonya sasa deting milowda ando showxa. A Paine × MacTane Production, created by Hanne Madeleine Gates Paine (it-reaches-out) and Kagan MacTane. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. K - List of Belter Creole individual articles, Tweet from Nick Farmer, The Expanse Linguist, Nick Farmer knows dozens of languages, so he invented one for, Decrypted: The Expanse: “The truth is never what you expect it to be” with Nick Farmer,, Lifting a fist: Greeting; nodding, affirmative, Shrugging is done with one or both hands, palm-up, Two fingers (index and middle) double touch the opposite side of the chest: thank you, Nail of index finger touching the thumb's inner side between the 2 digits, forming a circle, while the other 3 fingers are straight: derogatory gesture, similar to giving the middle finger. h - f - e - U - W - Uncertain transcriptions are indicated with a question mark. what. This article is about a word in the Belter Creole language. It's just pashang hard to learn another language for a game, sasa ke? m - Happy that Nick's Twitter TE updates are back. Posted by. So far, there are no attested examples of vowel sounds being directly adjacent without an intervening consonant. For serious students, I strongly recommend focusing on the Belter creole from Nick Farmer and not putting too much credence on the stuff in the books. 1 year ago. Yeah. When forming compound words, the stress often remains on the head of the compound, which sometimes requires the addition of an accent mark: Like any language, lang Belta has regional variations between speakers, depending on where they come from in the solar system and what their linguistic background is.

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