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What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a piece of toast. What you need: A tank top and a photo of a shark. What you need: A blue vest, a yellow nametag and a ‘Captain America’ shield. Kudos to your foodie friends who can ID Thomas Keller’s iconic California restaurant. What the world needs now is random celebrity beef. Grab some feline-themed accessories and a black mask and you'll have the purrrrfect costume in no time. 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RELATED: The 50 Best Halloween Movies of All Time. No Problem! You’ve gotta keep fellow partygoers on their toes, you know? These Last-Minute Ideas Are Almost Too Easy to Make, Caution: Hot! You know those letter boards that are super popular on Instagram? You’re in luck, because there are actually lots of clever costumes you can put together with (very) minimal effort. So if you’re aiming to dress to impress this Halloween, a punny costume is the way to go.Don’t worry if you’re struggling with ideas ― we gotchu. If you come up with any good ones, please share them in the comments and we’ll add them to our list! Your little scholar will love dressing up in this sweet costume, made from foam board and a few other crafting staples you probably have at home. A post shared by MILI | EVENTS COORDINATOR (@milibabes) on Oct 31, 2018 at 6:01pm PDT. , Witty For the Win! Jessica Leigh Mattern is a web editor and writer who covers home, holiday, DIY, crafts, travel, and more lifestyle topics. These gifts are perfect for that friend who wakes up early to go for a run or posts sweaty selfies to Instagram. Have your friends ever rolled their eyes at your dad jokes? What you need: Maroon clothing and a printed out letter 5. These Sexy DIY Halloween Costumes Won't Break the Bank, A post shared by MILI | EVENTS COORDINATOR (@milibabes). What you need: Nerdy glasses and a box of cookies. What you need: An SAT prep book and a frilly, collared shirt. What you need: Maroon clothing and a printed out letter 5. Thank you for your feedback. Angel wings, avocado...ohhhh! What you need: Animal ears and a Starbucks cup. Best of all, your drink will never get warm. There’s also a section for bear-related words to help you come up with your own bear puns. Got a fancy dress? Or Could It All Be in Your Head? What you need: A pink shirt, pig ears and your most comfortable blanket. Craft your very own toast accessory or make it easy by wearing this adorable toast purse with iconic French pieces. What you need: A red wig and a loaf of bread. The good news? Then there are those based around species of bears like the polar bear and grizzly bear, and also around pseudo-bears like the koala bear. You can! You don't have to wear pink, for instance. What could be better? Melanoma may be more common than people think. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Well, here's your chance to show it off! You can shop Disney-themed earrings, necklaces and more for the holiday season and beyond. Here’s our ever-growing list of bear puns! More word play around a certain concept? You’ve gotta keep fellow partygoers on their toes, you know? It might be October, but that doesn't mean you can't dream of warmer weather! What you need: A T-shirt, a basketball and a doughnut. Despite the Kardashian-Jenner clan being so close, it seems like it's rare that they learn from each other's public scandals. 1 day ago, by Maggie Ryan What do you do when life gives you lemons? You could go all out with a beard, but the dress and top hat should do the trick on their own. What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a laundry basket. A 'cereal' killer Halloween costume you can make straight from the grocery store. Costumes Related Keywords & Suggestions, Costumes Long Tail ... ... You Guess These 13 H, oween Costumes', s Without Groaning?, MTV, 17 DIY Food Costumes for a Yummy H, oween, Brit, Co. /, ny, costumes, 2013 Brides Costumes, 10 H, oween,, s Costumes ... H, oween, Costume: Qu, er Back, Costumes, Pinterest, ..., Costume: Sm, ie Pants #h, oween #, #costume #BuzzfeedDIY. A jewelry designer’s TikTok has gone viral for chronicling the relationship between her sister and the latter’s boyfriend, both of whom have Down syndrome. Firstly, there are a tonne of bear puns based purely around the word “bear” (bearings, barbearian, bearly, …). Simply take on both the "Netflix" and "chill" personas in one outfit. Bonus points if you’re able to keep a straight face while explaining the joke. And finally, there are a few puns based around bear-related topics like paws, hibernation and claws. Honestly. 40 Costume Puns ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. If you’ve got a bear pun that we don’t, please share it with us in the comments! Well, if we haven't managed to wipe your resting witch face off just yet, we know our costume ideas certainly will. Dress up in this fun, colorful outfit...and don't forget to act a little confused. Whether or not you walk … Permission granted to have a bit of an attitude all day. What you need: An SAT prep book and a frilly, collared shirt. Why not tell the world? This year, we were invited to a pre-Halloween birthday party, and so I was glad to have a bevy of ideas at the ready for costumes we could pull together last minute. This one would be a real hit in New England. This math-themed pun costume is perfect for anyone who loves to DIY. What you need: A beret, a striped shirt and a laundry basket. Calling all foodies! What you need: Black pants, tape and Smarties candies. At find thousands of puns categorized into thousands of categories. Obviously skip the wig if you're a natural redhead... What you need: A red shirt, a printed out Netflix logo and a bag of ice. Make a barista costume even cuter by putting this clever spin on it. We rounded up some of the most pun-derful costumes that will work boo-tifully for any Halloween celebration. Captain Obvious. ... “The Right to Bear Arms. Is this the height of laziness? You can also add a blanket-cape, to really hit the regal idea home. If you need some help, check out these 20 punny couple costume ideas that are sure to get the Zoom party started.

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