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Trout may be kept in this river but we strongly urge all anglers to release your trout to help grow this fishery to it’s full potential. It is open during the early season from Lenawee Road downstream to the mouth. – it’s mostly a No Kill on all trout, single barbless hook only and no organic bait is permitted in many sections here. ite River Dam on State Highway 112 (Sanborn Ave.) downstream, is open during the early season. Unlike their Lake Michigan counterparts, these streams are essentially hatcheries -- steelhead spawn in them every year to restock the fishery naturally. A Perfect Drift Guide Company knows this river very well and guides anglers in the upper and lower sections and they can put you in front of some of the biggest fish in the river. The Upper sections are close to Orangeville for anglers looking for food, gas or accommodations. (Editor's Note: For more information on fishing Lake Superior streams, listen to Outdoors Radio with Dan Small, on broadcast stations around the state or online 24/7 at BAYFIELD PENINSULA STREAMS Most of the other steelhead streams worth fishing flow into the lake on the Bayfield Peninsula. Some of the upper an middle sections of the grand can produce dozens of bass a day. Graham Creek – A small creek that gets runs of steelhead and salmon with reports of brown trout which I’m not sure if there are resident brown trout or migratory brown trout. You may fond some cold areas up river with good populations of brook trout. There is also and brook trout in some areas up river.. Nine Mile River – This is a smaller river that gets runs of steelhead and salmon in the fall. Fly Fitters Guided Fishing Adventures in SW Ontario, Canada. Bass Pro Shops is the leader in everything fishing gear related. Some of the brown trout and brook trout sections are very technical with lots of wood and forest cover to contend with and some very finicky browns but for the persistent angler the rewards can be worth it. In the fall, look for Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon as well. To fish flies, use a 9-foot 8-weight rod with a floating weight-forward line and stout tapered leader. Please practice catch and release to preserve the good fishing. There is also the chance for migratory brown trout and Atlantic salmon in the fall. The upper Grand is river is about 15 minutes from Orangeville and flow through the towns of Fergus and Elora. It flows from just south of the town of Seaforth, then through Vanastra and Clinton before emptying into Lake Huron at the town of, you guessed it, Bayfield. Unless you have permission to enter a property, 95% of the upper river is all posted “No Trespassing” and it is enforced. Bayfield River – This is a pretty little river that gets good runs of steelhead and some salmon. There’s a dam in the town of Whitevale that prevents migratory species but there are brook trout above the dam. There are brook trout and maybe brown trout in the upper reaches and in the small creeks that enter this section. Up Next. There’s an extended fall season and a year round season below Denny’s dam. There is also some very good bass and pike fishing in this section of the river for anglers interested fishing during the hotter summer months. May and June can be good to but if it’s a hot dry summer July and August can be very low water and not worth fishing. All Game & Fish subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Book Description ; This is your guide to fantastic fishing in Ontario. May and June are the best times to fish this river in the few accessible areas that are available to anglers. Community forum Most anglers start at Big Rock Falls and work downstream. We participate in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. The upper Credit River is a very pretty trout river with large brown trout and brook trout and is a very popular section of river for fly anglers. One reason the Brule is so popular is there are always fish in the river when the season opens, whereas the other rivers don't see steelhead until spring. Maitland or Bayfield for Steelhead and Salmon? The Bayfield River receives a healthy run of migratory Rainbow Trout in the spring and fall, with the majority of them being wild. BAYFIELD PENINSULA STREAMS Most of the other steelhead streams worth fishing flow into the lake on the Bayfield Peninsula. The river takes on that emerald green hue that seems to display your fly in the best of lights, and everywhere you would expect a fish to be, they are. Check out these approved retailers for all your river fishing needs. The daily bag limit is one steelhead or rainbow trout over 26 inches, but most anglers release the legal-sized fish they catch to help maintain the fishery. There is access at the forks and at several points along Flag River Road. There are a few other rivers worth mentioning further south towards the Niagara river and the Ontario USA borders. These approved retailers meet our high standards for great customer service, great selection and competitive prices. Our in-depth knowledge of these rivers in southwestern Ontario will allow you to have a very rewarding day on the river! Thanks for the feedback! Brook trout river might be triple that number. Steelhead season on the Little Sioux itself does not open until May, but the hole at its mouth sometimes holds fish. Georgian Bay is a massive bay or an extension of Lake Huron. The fact that this river ends at an absolutely beautiful town on Ontario’s west coast is just a bonus. Some stretches are wadeable, while others are treacherous, especially at high water levels, which can occur after ice-out or a heavy rain. It’s a big river in comparison to rivers like the Credit, Beaver River or Humber and it’s one of the biggest rivers in Ontario that offers brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout in the same sections. Further up the river is a large 30 foot water falls that prevent the migration of migratory species. This river is located just east of Owen Sound and flows into Georgian Bay. This is one of southern Ontario’s finest steelhead streams. The upper sections of the main Saugeen and most or all of it’s tributaries have resident brook trout, brown trout and even some rainbow trout. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. To get there, take State Highway 13 to Washburn, then turn left on County Highway C. Turn right on Big Rock Road and go a mile and a half to the river. Migratory species can make it all the way to the Norval Dam just up river from Hwy 7 and can be found in the river from August to June. You disliked this video. Nine Mile River – This is a smaller river that gets runs of steelhead and salmon in the fall. We are located close to many fabulous restaurants, accommodations, golf and theatre experiences. There is also resident brown trout and rainbow trout in the areas around the town of Paris. Just there a few days ago--there are a few fish in the pools scattered about--salmon are very dark---the water is just too low right now. Ganaraska River – Also know as the “Ganny” is likely the most popular river of all the eastern tributaries due to it’s large runs of steelhead and salmon. There used to be few sections of river that land owners would let people in to fish but thanks to ignorant anglers littering, camping and abusing their properties they have all been closed down now. Be careful what you read on the Boyne river because there is another river in Michigan called the Boyne river. Required fields are marked *. – it’s mostly a No Kill on all trout, single barbless hook only and no organic bait is permitted in many sections here. Whether you are a season fisherman or a beginner we will customize the perfect trip The early season is open downstream of U.S. Highway 2. Steelhead raised from spawn taken from Brule River fish were stocked from 1988 through 2003, first to rehabilitate dwindling natural stocks, then later to develop a technique for restoring steelhead in case any Lake Superior stream loses its fishery through a natural or manmade disaster. As you work you way along this stream, the Bayfield River is one succession after another of nice gravel runs, after log jams, after pocket water, after deep pools after, well you get the point. These rivers are more urban and often close to or through larger cities and large populations of people. All Rivers Flow To The Great Lakes and Southern Ontario is surrounded by the great lakes which means we have many of the best rivers in Ontario all around us. Another popular stretch begins just below the U.S. Highway 2 bridge. It flows into Lake Huron and has an extended fall season worth checking out. Between these two towns there is about 20 rivers and creeks that get runs of steelhead and salmon and that have brook trout and maybe brown trout in the upper sections. Come walk the Bayfield River Valley Trails. Much of the river is private property which allows the fish to do well with little pressure from anglers. Fighting a steelhead on the Bayfield River, southern Ontario. The river split in two and has some good access. There are sections of the upper river that have good brook trout fishing to. Wade upstream or down and lob the spawn into deep holes and runs and let it bounce along the bottom. We only included this creek on the list because anglers and clients of ours have asked about it but in general, based on the poor access on this river is not great for fishing unless you have permission to access private property. A great way to see this river is by guided boat trip offered by A Perfect Drift Guide Company/ They fish and drift the limited access water sections of the upper Saugeen in a comfortable stand up pontoon drift boat which gives anglers the opportunity to see some of the nicest and scenic water and a chance at some of the biggest brown trout in the river. FishUSA is one of the best places that I know of to get river fishing gear that is relevant to the great lakes area, and they often carry a larger selection of river fishing gear then any other online shop. In Bayfield County, the Sioux River, Pikes Creek, Cranberry River and … It’s a smaller river averaging maybe 15 feet across and can fish well after the trout opener and can be fun with smaller rods and flies. When I say eastern rivers I’m referring to rivers east of the city of Toronto to about Trenton. Anglers fishing without the pass can be charged with trespassing. Although some of these rivers run through cities, many of them are often set down in a ravine or valley and often still have the look and feel of a wild natural river once you get downtown the river to fish. There is an extended Rainbow and Brown Trout season on the Bayfield River until December 31st all the way upstream to Clinton or Highway 4. Here are some streams that may make yours skip a beat! The upper sections have special regulations so be sure to check the regulations before you go. The Pine river is likely the best tributary of the Nottawasaga for reproducing steelhead. The majority of the river down stream from the town of Alliston is private property so access is limited but there are some access areas in parks and forest areas. Increase a lure’s effectiveness by pairing it with the ideal reel speed.

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