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Here are 10 fun facts about the season’s top-selling produce: Fall Favorite Recipes Love squash? Accessed: November 1, 2017. The gorgeous red, orange, and yellow pigments in fall foliage are actually there all year, just under the surface. 4De Lange, Catherine. 2“Autumn Holidays.” ChildFun. (Aug. 3, 2012), (Aug. 3, 2012), The George Mateljan Foundation. 10Pincott, Jena. "The Benefits of Pears." (Aug. 3, 2012), Sharecare. “Autumn Babies More Likely to Hit 100.” New Scientist. Barbour, Matthew. . "Kohlrabi: Nutrition, selection, storage." Autumn holidays include Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Patriot Day, Autumn Equinox, Columbus Day. According to NASA, autumn is “aurora season” because geomagnetic storms are about twice as frequent as the annual average during the fall. "The Nutrition of Kohlrabi." Autumn is the transition season between summer and winter, best noticed by the color change in leaves and the harvest.. For example, each autumn, the male Siberian hamster’s testes swell up to 17 times bigger than normal to prepare for mating. Every leaf means a lucky month next year. (Aug. 3, 2012), The George Mateljan Foundation. She is a wife, mommy, Spartan, and avid Detroit sports fan. (Aug. 3, 2012), Shulman, Rose. The concept of autumn in European languages is connected with the harvesting of crops; in many cultures autumn, like the other seasons, has been marked by rites and festivals revolving around the season’s importance in food production. Look for these fall fruits and vegetables at farmers' markets and in produce departments for the best flavor (and greatest value) in season. Autumn marks the beginning of the cold season, which is why a lot of people suffer from bouts of cold and cough and different types of allergies. The Healing Power of Psilocybin Mushrooms. 7Hodgekiss, Anna. Specifically in, According to Greek legend, autumn begins when Persephone returns to Hades in the underworld. Autumn is a fact of life for most of us, but in tropical climes near the Equator, like the Caribbean islands, weather stays beautifully mild all year. She loves food, music, dancing, shopping, reading, and smiling.See all of my posts, Get more food & nutrition updates in your inbox, A Healthier Michigan is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, a nonprofit, independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Every year, the fall harvest provides key ingredients for various holiday dishes and popular comfort foods. From pumpkin picking to making leaf art, here are 28 fun activities you need to do before autumn ends. (Aug. 3, 2012), Celebrate Christmas anytime of the year with our list of amazing Christmas facts, including history, mythology, symbolism, and much more! Together, they yield more than 300 products including blueberries, grapes, pumpkins and potatoes. Accessed: July 29, 2014. "From garlic to bananas, don't bin the skin: Eating fruit and vegetable peel could combat cancer." Researchers think that lower levels of vitamin D (due to shorter days and less contact with sunshine) is in part responsible for autumn and winter weight gain. Thank the needles. Coniferous needles are compact, watertight, and generally harder for weather and insects to destroy. The colonials went one step further: the phrase “pumpkin-head,” referring to a dork with short hair cut all around, is recorded in America as early as 1781. Filed Under: General Wellness Buzz Tagged With: apple, benefits of ginger, cinnamon, cranberry, digestion, fall food, fall foods, flu, food in seasons, food season, garlic, garlic benefits, ginger, ginger benefits, infection, kale, parsnip, pumpkin, season food, seasonal foods, seasonal vegetables, sweet potato, sweet potato nutrition facts, Larry & Oksana Ostrovsky, founders of BeWellBuzz, are Life Upgrade Coaches committed to helping you navigate through the latest natural health and personal development information to a destination of optimal wellness. Mother Nature Network. (Aug. 3, 2012), Whole Living. (Aug. 3, 2012), WebMD. Accessed: July 19, 2014. All rights reserved. Daily Mail. ©2020 Verizon Media. "What are the health benefits of eating pears?" 2012. "Kiwifruit." Updated October 10, 2011. 11Sample, Ian. Accessed: July 19, 2014. The New York Times. 6Harvest Celebrations (World Book’s Celebrations and Rituals around the World). Your email address will not be published. We recommend our users to update the browser. One of the oldest autumn festivals is Mexico’s Dia de Muertos (November 1st and 2nd), a celebration of departed loved ones and the cycle of life that Mesoamerican cultures may have observed thousands of years before Christmas. November 21, 2012. Updated January 6, 2012. And we’ve ranked them, in order from good to absolutely glorious. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), stunning photos of New England during the fall, why Americans use it instead of “Autumn.”, best places to spot fall foliage in America, why fall is the cheapest and best time to travel. Even Though You Eat Less, Autumn has been called the “hectic beauty of, Since ancient times, autumn has ranked as one of the most important times of year as daylight begins to fade and cold, dark days lie ahead. At least, in foliage-blessed states like New Hampshire and Vermont. "Radishes offer many health and nutritional benefits." These fruits, vegetables and spices will boost your immune system and keep you warm and comfortable, so you are prepared for the cold days. "Told to Eat Its Vegetables, America Orders Fries." Trick or Treat! Get the rest of your nutrients from these 27 foods that taste better in the fall. WebMD. Accessed: July 29, 2014. (Aug. 3, 2012), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Always consult your health care provider before beginning any new treatment, or if you have any questions regarding a health condition. 2012. Some societies, such as the Aztecs in ancient. Monarch butterflies, meanwhile, make autumn a migratory season, flying South from America to the relative warmth of Mexico and parts of California. Before these terms, the period was called “harvest.”. The best recipes, kitchen tips and genius food facts. “Daylight Saving 2011: How Time Change Affects Our Health.” Huffington Post. The name "pumpkin" comes from the Greek word 'pepon,' which means 'large melon'. [5] Scientists believe males evolved to be sexually primed by food, which made autumn’s harvest time an ideal time to find a mate and reproduce. “10 Foods and Drinks You Crave in the Fall.” The Weather Channel. and So Can Going on a Diet and Drinking Too Much Tea, 6 Surprising Way Autumn Affects Your Sex Life, Autumn and Winter Births Put a Spring in Babies’ Step, Daylight Saving 2011: How Time Change Affects Our Health, Why You Get Fatter in Winter . As fall foliage creates a colorful display and children frolic in leaf piles on the lawn, you may want to learn a few lesser-known facts about autumn. Here’s what else your birth month can predict about your health and life. Each fall, the black-capped chickadee’s tiny hippocampus enlarges by 30%, which enables it to remember where it collected seeds in different spots in. and So Can Going on a Diet and Drinking Too Much Tea.” Daily Mail UK. Biochemical Society Transactions. During the gray squirrel’s fall caching season, when the critters bury nuts and seeds in hundreds of scattered caches to serve as emergency winter larders, a typical squirrel shows a 15 percent increase in the size of its hippocampus—the memory and emotion center of the brain—compared to the rest of the year. (Aug. 3, 2012), The George Mateljan Foundation. A pumpkin pie-lavender mix increased the penile blood flow by 40%. The air is getting colder, and you can see pale, dry leaves covering up the gardens and roads – autumn has set in and with it the whole atmosphere has turned a bit gloomy. We’d like to thank you in advance for not only visiting and arming yourself with great information but also sharing it with family and friends. The New York Times. Moreover, a bit of food indulgence is just what you need to beat the autumn blues and pep up your spirits. Find out why leaves change color in the first place. These are the best socially distanced weekend trips for fall. 8Marchand, Peter J. However, autumn also offers a treat for your taste buds as a vast variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables fill up the stores. (Aug. 3, 2012), Nimptsch, Katharina; Rohrmann, Sabine; Kaaks, Rudolf; and Jakob Lineisen. "Antioxidants and Your Immune System: Super Foods for Optimal Health."

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