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(El) Ouazzani meaning "from the town of Ouazzane, Morocco". This name was used as an honorific title for those who were believed to be the direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad. Hussein: Hussein means ‘to be handsome or beautiful’. We will always aim to give you accurate information at the date of publication - however, information does change, so it's important you do your own research, double-check and make the decision that is right for your family. Â. Kidadl provides inspiration for everything from family days out to online classes, arts, crafts and science experiments. The name originated from the Arabic title given to legal advisors back in the middle ages. This name as a first name would mean "kindness" or "reverence". It is also sometimes given as a title to someone who is very respectable and honorable. Aziz: In Arabic it means … From Arabic عبد ال (abdul) meaning "servant of the", commonly used as a prefix for given names (such as عبد العزيز ('Abd al-'Aziz) meaning "servant of the powerful"). Most Popular Arabic Last Names on FamilyEducation: Amari, Almasi, Asfour, 75 Badass Girl Names for Your Little Rebel, The Best Sweet 16 Gifts for Girls in 2020, How to Have a Minimalist Christmas with Kids. This name comes from the martyred Christian saint, Sergius. Abed meaning "worshiper, devout". The name Hafeez means ‘the guardian’ or ‘the protector’. The name means ‘the only one’. Nagi means the ‘closest friend’ in Arabic. Aqeel meaning "knowledgeable, wise". It means, ‘the one from Gaza’. Muhammed: The name comes from the last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed, meaning “praise-worthiness.”. (Al) Harbi meaning "from the Harb Tribe". 19. Here are the most common surnames: 1. Amine meaning "faithful, trustworthy" This surname can be linked to the Moroccan scientist and Global Energy Prize awardee, Khalil Amine. Abd stands for servant, and Allah stands for God. Anouar meaning "light". For more parenting tips and tricks, find us on Pinterest: Are you a writer, expert, or influencer? The surname Najdi runs in families who originated in the Najd region in Arabia. Thus the first name is the personal name, the middle name is the father's name and the last … 100 Best 4 Letter Boy Names For Your Baby, 100 Gothic Last Names With Meanings And History, 100 Badass Boy Names From Real Life And Fictional Heroes, Top 50 Kobold Names With Meanings For Your D&D Characters. Shariq: Bright shining star or ‘a person of exemplary character’. If you liked our suggestions for Arabic Last Names then why not take a look at Arabic Boy Names, or for something different take a look at Boys Names Beginning With Q. Badawi 10. 89. It means ‘the distinguishing’ or ‘the unique one’. The prefix "Al" basically means "The" which essentially defines the meaning of the surname more firmly; for example, the surname "Al-Amin," meaning "The Trustworthy". Take a look at some less commonly found Arabic last names and meanings that they possess, from various Arab speaking regions. Most Common Spanish Last Names Or Surnames, Popular Muslim Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings, Swiss Family Names Or Surnames With Meanings, Most Common German Last Names Or Surnames, Most Common Punjabi Last Names Or Surnames, 9 Best Play/Preschools In Bangalore For Your Kid, 10 Simple Paper Cutting Art And Craft Ideas For Kids, 100 Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings, 9 Best Exercises To Induce Labor Naturally, 133 Most Popular Uzbek Baby Names For Girls And Boys, 100 Popular Indian Brahmin Surnames Or Last Names, By Region, 20 Beautiful Four Letter Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 50 Famous Amazigh (Berber) Names For Baby Boys and Girls. This surname implies being the descendants of the Abbad tribe. The name means ‘praise-worthiness’, and ‘laudability’. Rafiq means a ‘close friend’ ‘companion’ or a ‘follower of God’. At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. The surname is very popular in the Arab Muslim world. Jaafar meaning "small stream, creek". Example: Al-Saud, i.e., The Saud family. The name Farhat has several meanings in different cultures. The surname Hijazi runs in families who originated from the Hejaz region in Saudi Arabia. The name signifies ‘purity’, ‘chastity’, ‘innocence’, ‘perfection’, ‘flawlessness’ and ‘impeccability’. Please read our Disclaimer. Mohammad meaning "praised". 69. The name is commonly found in Arab communities originating from Persia. Baghdadi 11. 62. The name has several spellings – Geber, Gabir, Jaber, etc. Najjar: Occupational name meaning carpenter. We recognise that not all activities and ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in all circumstances. The name signifies ‘right direction’ and ‘truth’. This popular last name means ‘one with strength’ in Arabic. The month of Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. The language is spoken by the arab-berber tribes. This last name means the person who discovers, reveals, pioneers or uncovers. It means ‘endless’, ‘eternal’. The name Asghar is derived from Azhar, which means ‘shining’, ‘radiance’, ‘luminosity’, ‘clarity’ or ‘brilliance’. 17. This last name runs in the families who originated from the city of Baghdad in Iraq. This family name is mostly seen in Lebanon. Mughrabi: This surname runs in families who speak Magrabi Arabic. It means ‘highness’ or ‘the ruler.’. It means ‘to be handsome or beautiful’. It means ‘beloved’ or ‘friend’. 1. They are also influenced by the minority the family belongs to. Hasan meaning "handsome, manly, benefactor". We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. 38. 36. We have put together for you a list of 100 of the most popular Arabic last names. Its other variant that is also popular in Egypt is Mustafa. Faheem meaning "understanding, intelligent". The Arabic surnames come from the place, tribe, clan, or region the family originated from. Ayad 8. But the first documentation of Arabs in America can be traced back as early as the mid-18th century, when a man named Wahab bound for New York was shipwrecked on Ocrakoke Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Kidadl is supported by you, the users. One of the 99 names of Allah, Rahim means ‘the merciful’ or ‘the forgiving’. Ramzan: To be alive. This category has the following 4 subcategories, out of 4 total. The name signifies observance, intellect, and sharpness. The name often runs in families from Algeria. Maalouf is derived from another word Maayuf, which means the ‘one who stands out in the crowd’ or ‘left out’. Afzal. Darwish meaning "exploring, wandering". This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. The Quraish tribe included rich and prosperous businessmen. If you are looking for some rare and unique Arabic last names, here is a list for you. It means ‘decisive’ and ‘determined’. The name means, ‘the father of all’ or ‘the exalted father’. One of the meanings of Baghdad is ‘bestowed by God’. The name means ‘the one with the proof’ or the ‘knowledgeable one’. Take a look at these Arabic surnames, along with their meanings. It got its name from the Bayoum village in Egypt. Ihsan meaning "perfection, beauty, excellence". 6. Last names carry with them a lot of history and ancestral culture. It is also given to people whose family profession is healing. The name is most commonly used by the Shia Muslims. It is a Perso-Arabic last name derived from the Persian personal name “Zia,” meaning “light,” and the Arabic form “diya,” meaning “illumination” or “light.” This is also a notable given name of girls. The surname Abdallah translates to ‘Servant of God’ in Arabic. Jalal: The name means ‘might’, ‘strength’, ‘power’, ‘glory’ and ‘superiority’. Malik meaning "king". Jabir means, ‘the comforter’. This was an honorific title that belonged to Prophet Muhammad. Jalal meaning "majesty, glory". As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This Arabic surname is derived from the name Muhammed. This name refers to ‘a person of the era, times or age’. Looking for a suitable last name for your new Arab fictional character? Aziz 9. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. Jabal is often associated with a mountain. It also means ‘awareness’ and ‘constant learning’. Hajji meaning "one who has completed the Hajj to Mecca". The name means ‘god increases’ the strength, power, influence and devotion. For more last name inspiration, take a look at Greek Last Names and Thai Last Names. The last name Burhan is an adjective in Arabic used to describe one of the many qualities of Prophet Muhammed. This is the Arabic version of the name Peter. Bashar 45. Hatem is also spelled as Hatim. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ). 32. This is an Islamic variant of the Biblical name, Joseph. Boutros meaning "rock". Yasin: The name means ‘wealth’ or ‘richness’. However, in Arabic, the name means ‘the generous one’ or ‘the ruler’. This last name has been derived from the Sufi Saint, Khwaja Mansour al Hallaj. Jaziri: Self-confidence and independence. Jawahir: Jewelry, ‘precious stones’, ‘gold’, and ‘precious metals’. Derived from the Islamic calendar, Rajab is the seventh month in the calendar and means ‘to respect’. Its variant, Ahmed is among the most popular Syrian last names. Arabic surnames are usually based on the tribes, habitation, or occupation of the ancestral families. 93. Al-Najjar means ‘the carpenter’. 48. Farouq means ‘the redeemer’ or ‘the one who differentiates between the right and wrong’. The name comes from Prophet Ya'qub, who is the Islamic variant of the Biblical patriarch, Jacob. Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. Compare also Persian names and Turkish names. It is commonly found in Chechen diasporic families. Bakir 12. Fasih: The surname in Arabic means ‘eloquence’. 47. The name means an opportunity or chance to gain knowledge or succeed in life. Halawa (Egyptian Origin) meaning "sweets". The surname means ‘praiseworthy’. 102. It is the less commonly found variant of the Arabic surname name Isa. Another common practice with Arabic last names is the addition of the prefix "Al" before the surname. Your email address will not be published. The surname is usually given to people belonging to the families originating from the city of Gaza in Palestine. It also means ‘the victorious one’. Most Arabic last names start with Al-, which basically means, The-. It was also used for someone who was respected by others. This surname is so common that everyone hears it at some point in their lives. The surname means ‘exceptional’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘unique’ or ‘rarity’. Wahed is one of the 99 names of Allah. 20. Ibrahim: The father of all or the exalted father. Farsi means ‘the Persian’. 100 Most Popular Arabic Surnames With Meanings. 42. The above list includes the last names of both men … Arabic Last Names The first wave of Arab immigrants to the United States came in the early 1880s, when Christian Syrians fled to America to escape poverty caused by the declining silk trade. Amer meaning "one who has a long and prosperous life". 14. 101. Native American Surnames and Their History, Egyptian Girl Names – Egyptian Names For Girls, Finnish Girl Names – Finnish Names For Girls. 78. Slimani meaning "peaceful". We strive to recommend the very best things, that are suggested by our community and are things we would do ourselves - our aim is to be the trusted friend to parents.Â, We try our very best, but cannot guarantee perfection. On occasion, we also use cookies to collect information from our toddlers, but that’s a totally different thing. The surname is derived from the tribe of Quraish in Makkah in the era of Prophet Muhammed. The name is mentioned in the Quran as Fahm, which means ‘understanding’. The name means ‘ice’ or ‘iron’. Hasan was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Awad meaning "lute maker" or "lute player". Visit our Privacy Policy for more info. Rafiq meaning "intimate friend, companion". The last name Badawi is given to children born in the Bedouin tribe. Maalouf: One who stands out in the crowd. It is a popular surname in the Arab world. Mustapha meaning "chosen, selected". 40. Interesting enough to go deep into the surnames in this region?

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