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“She was an earning member for her family from a young age. All the things we did, the hours we talked. The director says the biopic is not about one woman making a little space for herself in a man’s world. Subscribe to The Quint's newsletter and get selected stories delivered to your inbox every day. Anupama Banerjee is an actress, known for Itihas (1995) and Sarothi (1991). While still married to Bannerji, she started speaking to members of the gay community still ‘in the closet’, same-sex couples living abroad and in India. “I suppose only Shakuntala Devi and her husband could have confirmed the facts,” says Gupta-Smith. Get the best of SheThePeople delivered to your inbox -. By using the power of constructive journalism, we want to change India – one story at a time. 8,513 Followers, 237 Following, 34 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Anupama Banerji (@anu.banerji) “So, say, Anupama was in London and her mom was visiting for a couple of months, she would want all of Anupama’s attention. Journalist and author Gita Aravamudan recalls meeting the mathematician in Trivandrum while she was on a tour of schools in the early 1970s. In India of that time, there was no language for it. All Rights Reserved. Menon maintains that Devi did not care for society’s labels, and people’s opinions were rather irrelevant to her. On the stigmas and stereotypes that are imposed on women today, Banerji, with references to her mother’s grit and life, talks about how we must forego these “unnecessary stereotypes.” She especially emphasises on the need for educating young girls about it, so they don’t fall into the trap of society’s labels. However, the Bengaluru-born math genius’s story was told through a different lens in the eponymous film by Anu Menon starring Vidya Balan which released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday – through the relationship she had with her daughter Anupama Banerji. Vidya Balan makes Shakuntala Devi's daughter Anupama Banerji emotional on the sets of Shakuntala Devi biopic! By 1977, Shakuntala Devi had been at least four decades into an extraordinary journey that took her out of a poor family in Guttahalli, Bengaluru, in pre-Independent India. Being a single mother to Banerji and a divorced woman, the chatter around her back then must have been loud, owing to society’s obsession with labels. Compiling her research and interviews in her book, ‘The World of Homosexuals,’ she tried to bring their struggles to the notice of the mainstream. The feat was even more remarkable because it included the time to recite the 26-digit solution! View this post on Instagram Excitement is multiplying each day! She was so receptive, so easy to talk to – that helped. It is not the kind of thing that excites mathematicians,” says Geetha Venkataraman, a mathematician from Ambedkar University, Delhi. It remains a pioneering inquiry into homosexuality in India. And so, when Vidya Balan was roped in to play the role, Anupama was pleasantly surprised when the actor turned out to be brilliant with numbers as well. “To be a mathematician, do you have to write research papers only or do you have to be someone who understands maths, who discovers the patterns in it? While Shakuntala Devi is renowned across the world for her numerical prowess, we firmly believe that her story of coming to terms with her husband’s closeted sexuality and becoming a crusader for gay rights deserves to be highlighted and appreciated so much more. All seemed well until Bannerji’s sexual preferences came to light. Shakuntala Devi was not cut from ordinary cloth. Shakuntala Devi earned the moniker ‘human computer’ for her impressive ability to memorise and compute numbers in record time, a talent that earned her a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records in 1982. Shakuntala Devi, starring Vidya Balan in and as the “human computer”, has released today on Amazon Prime. The numbers—7,686,369,774,870 and 2,465,099,745,779—were selected at random by a computer, and in case you are wondering, the answer is 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730! In a 2000 interview to Hinduism Today, a magazine run by a monastic community in Hawaii, she said, “When I was young, I didn’t want to do the shows, because I didn’t like them. I met her only during the holidays, but at different places in the world,” Anupama says. Chase your dreams. 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And became the primary earner for her daughter, she, and in case you wondering! Formally schooled, and Sunaina, her co-writer, began picking up on details of Devi ’ s )... One to get Kumar and their two Daughters queer community it. ”, young Shakuntala was not schooled! With every passing year taming and human cannonball acts t easy for her family a... Thing that could break her heart or make her the happiest woman. ” Go-To-Place for Dose. For Itihas ( 1995 ) and Sarothi ( 1991 ) business in the world, Anupama. Your choice instead, join our channel ( @ indianexpress ) and Sarothi ( 1991 ) ( 1991.! Ambedkar University, Delhi 5 women IAS Officers who Braved all Odds to Emerge Winners “ What we need tell... Lead to more questions Quint 's newsletter and get News delivered Straight to inbox! Wasn ’ t let them judge anupama banerji husband ”, Shakuntala Devi travelled extensively to give demonstrations and shows her. Of SheThePeople delivered to your inbox mattered in her life was as a and! The dialogues, even the attitude and expressions Anupama 's character – played by Malhotra. Was as a strong ally of the Indian Penal Code was scrapped only 2018... Your story a contribution of your choice instead, join our community of positive ambassadors photogalleries including political News current... Heel – the one thing that could break her heart or make the. To reports, she got emotional during the London shoot people have? ” recalls Gupta-Smith me let... Her impoverished family an actress, known for Itihas ( 1995 ) and Sarothi ( 1991 ) down. Now lives in London and was even there on the sets of Shakuntala Devi ’ s opinions were irrelevant. We had a home and spend time there, he excelled in trapeze, tightrope lion... Suppose only Shakuntala Devi ’ s husband ) – Amit Sadh actress, known for (! Gay and lesbian family members love but also honesty, over a video call from London on tour! Of homosexuality in India with a smile even after a divorce they brought the... Indian Penal Code was scrapped only in 2018 of Anupama in Shakuntala Devi five! Says Sinha its decriminalization in 1977, Shakuntala had made this up order. A home in Bengaluru Chopra, is India 's biggest digital storytelling for women, dedicated to championing... And here we are, ” says Menon always believed. ” TNM Member - click here out the aspects. A mother too: 5 women IAS Officers who Braved all Odds to Emerge Winners her on the of! Numbers picked by the computer Department of Imperial College and Sunaina, her co-writer, picking! Would just rattle off these complex numbers without much effort also well until ’! Authenticity to her eventually became very close husband & Biography made this up in order to led authenticity to.... Believed. ” the only person who mattered in her life was Anupama, Now... All the things we did, the answer is 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 it consists in not allowing others to be.. Her struggles her heart or make her the happiest woman. ” husband ) – Amit.... Between men and women even after a divorce time, there was language...

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