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Like Lya Kerrall. They e... ⋞A Star Wars Story⋟ Mourn them do not. That is, until the child is revealed to be his daughter, Leia. A beautiful young hostess working at an upscale restaurant in a very big city notices a locally-famous magician watching her over a period of time. Luke was saddened he never knew his father or knew him as a good man. The force still remained strong in the galaxy, but a dark shadow was approaching; wanting to snuff out the light. As Senator Amidala of Naboo returns to the Imperial Center for a crucial vote, her world is flipped upside down as violence storms through the senate. In a Galaxy far, far away, Anakin Skywalker was rejected by the Jedi order. You think it's difficult surviving in the galaxy in the middle of a war? The paladins manage to get back to their own reality, but not before something goes wrong. My twin brother Anikan was born to be the one to bring order and peace to the force. Before he loses his mind.She can do this. Anakin doesn't get burned on mustafar and secretly is still on the light side. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. He hates not being there in the aftermath of the battle and having to dump all his responsibilities on Rex and Ahsoka. Shmi will help. Padmé could never imagine meeting him, much less negotiating with him, as there was no reason for their paths to cross. Padmé had been Anakin’s sun, his sole light in darkness. Probably. She becomes his confidente, and wonders what would happen if she exploited the new path their relationship is on... 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Serenity is the twin sister of Anakin Skywalker, the same boy who will father Luke Skywalker and become known as Darth Vader. I felt him beside me that night. What if the fight with Obi-Wan didn’t happen? However, it leads to an alternate reality where the Alteans have taken over. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. This is part 3, detailing the events of 20BBY and drawing on events from the TV show and the comics. Vader POV from my other work, Supernova and the Machine. Probably due to the fact that his brothers are absolute maniacs. Chaos ensures. Now that Isla isn't the little 8 year old girl Anakin once knew, she catches his eye and the passion and desire grows between them. What Vader discovers will change the fate of the Galaxy. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Padme smiled and joined his side by the railing of the terrace. After the war and the politics are all said and done, some more things change. "Fighting against an oppressive empire with very little support, feels just like old times doesn't it?". All Leia has to do is rescue some Jedi, find a clone army, stick it to Palpatine a few more times, and... save the galaxy. Please consider turning it on! Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and 15-year-old Padawan Obi-Wan Ke... A white-hot warning flashes through the Force and Ahsoka doesn't hold back from jumping to the rooftop. It turns out that he’s come to believe she can help him with his act; however, she thinks magic shows are silly. The wormhole becomes unstable as Lance goes travels through it, and comes out of the wormhole in the wrong reality. Anakin doesn't get burned on mustafar and secretly is still on the light side. He tries to hold firm to his principles, even after meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi who was assigned to protect Senator Padme Amidala, Anakin's fiancée. In Batuu, the mountains were said to hold the secrets of the dead. He escapes with a little help from a girl named Ahsoka. Basically me ignoring canon and giving Obi-Wan the happy life that he deserves. Suitless Vader. And they gleefully contribute to the chaos. Work Search: He walks the only path that is known and mastered by him, war, Hoping that one day his wretched life would come to an abrupt end. What if Padmé joined Anakin? The ancestors of Batuu's children can be heard in those mountains, echoing off its long valleys and rocky hills. Having been raised a Sith, Anakin holds zero regard for the Jedi who abandoned him. В Полис-Масса появляются странные женщины, похожие на Падме Наберрие. It is said that in darkness, there is always a little light. Padme survives — thanks to Force Healing. You made me picture Anakin wearing women's lingerie to make Padmé laugh. The Empire had begun to rise and Darth Sidious took the chosen one for his own use. However, mystical fate intervenes and she comes face to face with the fabled man in the mask in his forbidding and fiery domain. I only own the plot. Over the centuries people began to loose their ability to wield it, and eventually it was lost. The mandate of soil and seed is at the heart of the Jedi Order. Events lead up to Obi-Wan taking her on as an apprentice but won't this complicate their forbidden romance even more? From a very young age, Padme knew what was expected of her. She left her best friend at the age of 6 to become a Jedi Knight. "An angel,"... Young Aurora, a vagabond on the Jedi home world of Coruscant, discovers her unnatural abilities and uses them to her own advantage. The outspoken Senator of Naboo, Padmé Amidala’s, luck seems to have worn out. 'Cause that's my life. Success turns to dread, but she's weathered that storm before. "Can you show me your favorite star again?" I was born, to be the insurance plan.My name is Anya Skywalker, and this is my story. That said, with the change with his relationship with Anakin, Tord tries to deal with his new responsibilities. Anakin e Padme Fanfiction. And this time, it’s all good changes. And Luke and Leia are just starting to learn that their family is truly, wonderfully, chaotic. Alternate Universe- What if Anakin's mother survived and Anakin never went dark side. She gave him an amused smile, and he felt himself melting in confusion and wonder. Ashlyn raised her eyebrows in surprise and looked back at Padmé, who seemed very amused by this, before looking back at the boy. Two prophecies were foretold, while the other got lost throughout time. Set around AOTC. ), [set in the ‘to these memories’ verse, although ‘to these memories’ doesn’t necessarily have to be read in order to understand the gist of this story!]. Continuing the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, now a Padawan training to be a Jedi under the supervision of Obi-wan Kenobi. Whatever Obi-Wan's reason for not defending himself against the bounty hunter, she can't allow him to be killed as a result. Who knows! However, when a mission goes wrong, she finds herself in a harem slave collar and on the auction block where Darth Vader, heir to the Empire, buys her. One year following the establishment of the First Galactic Empire, Darth Vader is drawn to Alderaan by rumors of a force-sensitive child adopted by Bail Organa. Two years after the events of ROTS, in which Padme survived and went into hiding after faking her own death. He hates not being able to speak or move. She looked up at the sky for a moment and then brought her brown eyes to Anakin. After the war, he finds her and brings her back to the temple where shenanigans ensue and their fellow Jedi learn how to live with two Kenobis. That's what Ahsoka was told by Anakin all those years ago and now, Ahsoka finds Anakin's children hidden in these mountains. Guilt eats at Jango and it chews at him like he's an all you can eat buffet as he waits for his son to come home, he knows it's never going to happen after clan Vizsla sold his son into slavery, but it gives him comfort to hope. Anakin e Padme Fanfiction. Little does she know that she is part of a bigger conspiracy involving Jedi, Sith, clones, and the fate of the Republic. When Emperor Palpatine changes the Republic into the Empire when Padmé is still the queen of Naboo, he starts a new fad of harems. But Obi-Wan and his reluctantly accepted Padawan are nothing like what Anakin had envisioned. More than anything else, he hates not being able to reassure his close friends that he's alright. I may be dark but I know how to control it. Le vicende si svolgono poco prima del matrimonio di Anakin con Padme, durante l'episodio II: L'attacco dei cloni. Padme is alive with her kids, but in secret from the empire and has Obi-Wan taking care of her while Anakin … Eva is your normal 17 year old Pokémon trainer, who finds herself in in a whole nother Galaxy. I knew I had to save him, or at least my good side knew. Vylik Emrin is Anakin's childhood friend. Set two years after an ROTS where Padme survived and went into hiding, but is eventually taken into custody by the Empire, where she is seen by Darth Vader. P.S- Chapter 1 has the New Cover for this story's Part 2.Chapter 14 now has art of how Qui-Gon would be during the Clone Wars.Chapter 29 has the Jedi Lineages/Family Tree explanation. The Clone Wars continue still. Padme finds that even when living in the paradise of Naboo, nothing lasts forever when Anakin … she asked in surprise. She can. It's pure fluff and cotton candy rainbows to help deal with the pain of RotS and Order 66. padme is anakin's padawan - that's basically the premise; but read the first note for a slightly more in-depth take on how i'm writing this relationship; Summary. Mind the tags - she is his prisoner in this fic, and this story starts at what she considers to be the worst time of her life. There is a fight and a decapitation. She is taken to his castle, and surprised to find that she doesn't much mind it there... Beauty and the Beast except it's Padme and Vader. All at the same time. Padme has the twins on Tatooine and survives. Unfortunatly for him and fortunatly for others, the Galaxy is not done with him at all . She first returns in their son, in those quivering lips facing him on Bespin, denying their shared blood.Then she follows him into his dreams, tears falling out of her eyes as she dies over and over again.When Vader finds Sabé, he feels as if Padmé has finally come back to life to haunt him. Relationships are further tested and are changed, the political gears grind ever harder, the war presses upon every being in the galaxy, and the injured and the dead continue to grow in number. Led by General Anakin Skywalker, his wife Padme', and their good friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Rebellion refuses to die.

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