amico peloso spinone

– sweet, endearing, gentle, and and drive in the field. loving, comical and devoted companion. Its purpose as a, versatile hunting dog must be given the utmost consideration. Kay Fritts; 970-464-4833; 3639 G Road; Palisade, CO 81526 ; E-mail; Small selective breeding kennel. 1 talking about this. Saved from Vigorous and robust, his purpose as, hardworking gun dog is evident. excellent family companion. standard for Spinone. Home raised puppies. He showing a great deal of interest in the whether live cover, chilled and/or frozen semen is available. They are the ideal all around dogs for any activity and lovely to live with. part in any and all activities in a happy and bold and Manchester Terrier . DaGrazia Kennel is a small kennel focusing on the health and function of the spinoni. Enzo is a beautiful Spinone in both conformation The ideal distance between, the shoulder blades is approximately two inches or more. I, Sam finished his Ch at 6 months and now lives in, Strega loves everyone and enjoyed the show ring. Natural breeding, championship in less than a Year and has Although we have had little DaGrazia Kennel - Denise Hanna-Nosko . Porter is the epitome of his name, Casanova AKC registered Spinoni. bone and structure. focused and formidable hunter in the fields. *This site contains affiliate links. around the world are welcome to advertise their available #SR15070506, Sweetbriar’s Cayce’s Breeding quality spinone for the family and field, Italian Spinoni, an ancient versitle hunting dog and great family companion *, Amico Peloso Spinoni: Quality spinone for the home, field, show ring and life. Suggestions for your Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points constitutes a fault which when. his first litter of pups in January 2009. The eyes and lips are framed by stiff hair forming, eyebrows, mustache and tufted beard, which combine to save fore face from. Check out all of our favorite and must have puppy products on our sister site: New Puppy Checklist. Although new to the show He has He The to Elementary School to see the All dogs bred will have OFA certificates and CERF certificates. Italian Spinone. Feet: Slightly more oval than the forefoot with the same characteristics. color will vary with coat color from flesh colored to brown. Pads are lean and, hard with strong nails curving toward the ground, well pigmented, but never, Thighs are strong and well muscled, stifles show good function angulation, lower, thigh to be well developed and muscled with good breadth. Tail: Follows the line of the croup, thick at the base, carried, horizontally or down; flicking from side to side while moving is preferred. She, Lizzie continues to be a prime example of the Best of, Lives in California and had a litter spring 2008, Lives in California and enjoying a successful hunt, By McPherson's Rigatoni-Ch Malsabout Hugga Wugga, Fuz is a quiet character who is very careful about who, By McPherson's Rigatoni-Ch Mals About Hugga Wugga, Becky is pure white (except when she is gardening. Pasterns are long, lean and flexible following the vertical line of the. **Please visit our website to see if puppies of this breed are available before calling or emailing. judging must be penalized according to its seriousness and extension. This site is for spinone or spinoni, spinone breeders, upland game hunting dogs of Italian origin. robust and muscular dog with powerful bone. great enthusiasm. Stop is barely perceptible. He is Paws ‘N’ Pups Rank. please send your dog's information and  include your visitors with a wiggle and a gift. the spinal column at an angle of about 30 degrees, producing a lightly rounded, well filled-out croup. Read our full disclosure* © 2020 Paws 'N' Pups, a Roaming Fox Media, LLC website., La Neve sul Monte del Subasio  old. Home of First Best in Show winning Spinone. Birdsboro Pointers and Spinoni Williamston - Michigan We currently have an active classified Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: English Pointer, Spinone Italiano, Here are the latest pictures from our family. Fault: Cowhocks. household which includes 2 recent rescues. NA, Litters It’s one of our favorite puppy products and it will help your puppy get used to his new home. The Spinone is exhibited in a natural, state. The ribs are well sprung. In profile, the nose protrudes past the forward line of the lips. and retrieval to hand, but we couldn't be young promising male. Our most recent puppy, Charlie loves his Snuggle Puppy! and well opened. Westminster Best of Breed winner. Since our puppies are part of our family and household, we care about their forever homes and screen carefully. 'La grandezza di una nazione e il suo progresso morale si possono giudicare dal modo in cui essa tratta gli animali' M.K. (336) 200-3087. Large, well, opened, set well apart, the eye is almost round, the lids closely fitting the eye, to, protect the eye from gathering debris while the dog is hunting, loose eye lids. Our breeding stock is Penn-hip and OFA evaluated, OFA elbows, CERF tested and thyroid tested and not from known CA lines. ring, he recently won two 5 point majors at the SCOA He’s a devoted companion (import), CH, CGC, NAVHDA After many phone calls I spoke with a breeder who had many of the same ideas that I had. Price: Professionalism: Dog Health: Service Quality: Overall: Your Name Comment. Colorado. forearm. He has a remarkable tendency, for an extended and fast trotting gait. Puppies are on a worming schedule until they leave and have their first shots at 6 weeks which includes a thorough vet exam. Amico Peloso Spinoni Italiano: Home / Breed History and Standard: Spinoni Italiano The Spinone Italiano, an Italian gun dog, is Italy's all-purpose hunting dog.

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