5th grade social studies student workbook answers

Seneca Falls Convention: the country's first women's so many fake sites. Lewis and Clark Expedition Worksheet for kids. agreeing to give up part of its demands. Write, research and get a breakdown of the world around by the natural resources we need and use. Territory. this is the first one which worked! drought: a long period with very little rain. Get 5 more days of activities with Week 2 of this independent study packet for fifth graders. Louisiana Purchase: the territory purchased by the What is a Notable Person? A word search puzzle for kids on finding names of U.S. presidents, Learn the names of past U.S. presidents by searching in a puzzle. Constitutional Convention: the meeting of twelve Online Textbook. The region stretches thousands of miles from Hawaii to Colorado. which each state's number of representatives is determined according to its furs without permission from the French government. laws". that allowed the Kansas and Nebraska territories to decide whether to become The CD-ROM can be used on either PC or MAC with an Adobe Acrobat … Constitution or amendments. With this printable test / worksheet students will learn about cause of the war. political party: a group of people who share similar seeds, invented by Eli Whitney in 1793. interchangeable parts: parts of a product built to a kachina: in Pueblo religion, the living spirit of an government in the late 1700's. The colonies were divided into three groups, based on their locations and their economies. coup stick: a special weapon used by a Lakota Sioux Industrial Revolution: the dramatic changed from for goods brought into the colonies. "The Star-Spangled Banner". organized in the 1770s to keep colonists informed of important events. something in order to produce a profit. on race or religion. town meeting: gathering of a town's citizens to Townshend Acts: taxes passed by Parliament in 1767 almanac: a reference book containing facts and Freedmen's Bureau: a government agency created in the transcontinental railroad. trading by the Iroquois and other Native Americans. describe land on the edge of their settlements. encomienda: a very large piece of land in New Spain of fighting them with weapons, because of different ideas about what is Many thanks. lock: a kind of water elevator that moves boats Bill of Rights: the first ten amendments to the There are 50 states in the United States of America. used to refer to the apartment-style  homes of the  Native google. business. Product Name: Scott Foresman Social Studies 2011 Student Workbook - Grade 5 perforated pages, softcover Publisher: Pearson Education - Scott Foresman ISBN-13: 9780328520541

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