25 weird presidential facts

John F. Kennedy survived five near-death experiences before his assassination. White House Confidential: The Little Book of Weird Presidential History. Before that, he—like George Washington before him—lived in "The President's House," a three-story brick mansion in Philadelphia. © 2020 Fact Retriever LLC. The first attempt to assassinate a president was on Andrew Jackson by Richard Lawrence, a house painter. 6Hagood, Wesley O. On March 4, 1841, Harrison gave what ended up being the longest-ever inaugural address by a U.S. president—an 8,445-word speech that took him nearly two hours to deliver in cold, blustery weather. The total cost was about $990,000. The 6th President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, was once accused of being a pimp. Bush was famous for his pragmatism. In 2017, he even published Portraits of Courage, a book of portraits he painted depicting American veterans. Impressive. ". The capital of Liberia is called Monrovia after President James Monroe. AskUs: Why didn’t the United States try to claim or seize more land after Alaska and Hawaii? © 2020 Galvanized Media. Andrew Jackson served as the President of the United States with a bullet near his heart, a musket ball in his lung, and chased down a guy who tried to assassinate him (with two pistols that misfired) and beat him into submission with his cane. New York, NY: Dell Publishing, 1999. When Grant ultimately received his diploma with the errant "S" on it, he therefore resigned himself ever after to signing his name with it. Not exactly the profile you'd expect of a budding artist. It was during a presidential campaign too, which made the outcry even more pronounced. One of three authors behind the famous Federalist Papers, he attended Princeton University—then known as the College of New Jersey—as an undergraduate in 1769. First of all, there was his official cabinet, several corrupt members of which took bribes. They served up wine for 25 cents a glass, rum for 18.75 cents, and whiskey for 12.5 cents. When a young girl was invited to meet President Coolidge, someone made a bet against her claiming that it was impossible for the president to say more than two words to her. Many came from military service, academia, or law—with the notable exception of Donald Trump, who came from the business world. – Source, 6. – Source. Here's something else you probably didn't know about John Adams: He died on the Fourth of July. He neglected to mention he had been the President of the United States. He liked it so much that he served a 26-pound specimen alongside turkey at his first White House Thanksgiving in 1909. To help Franklin D. Roosevelt with his rehabilitation after contracting polio, the laundry room in the White House was turned into a heated pool in 1933. "Why that’s a hundred miles away," Faulkner explained. He used the chair while writing the Declaration of Independence. His first brush with death occurred in childhood: At age 2, Kennedy nearly died from scarlet fever. – Source, 20. Six presidents were named James: Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, and Carter. *25. Richard Nixon was hardly the first president who liked to unwind by rolling a few strikes. [3] Because the KKK was a powerful political force, Truman was encouraged to join the organization. *13. ... the presidential mansion “was surrounded by … True story. And Barack Obama had a dog named Bo while in office. Some have been rich, others near poor. In 1975, President Ford's daughter Susan held her high school's senior prom at the White House. After all, presidents aren't just America's most powerful leaders; as it turns out, they're also some of its most interesting characters. Most have come from the Northeast, but a select few from the West, like Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. – Source, 7. The body was eventually recovered and reburied. Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached. George H.W. After President Bush Sr. vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister, a new word entered the Japanese language. He would then pop out from behind the door and say that he was just seeing if everyone was working. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Although there's some doubt in regards to the story's veracity, the gator supposedly was a gift from French general and Revolutionary War hero the Marquis de Lafayette. Reagan reportedly watched 363 movies during his two terms in office. In fairness, the United States was not even founded until 1776, two years before George Washington took office, but facts are facts. In 1988, George H.W. Although Clinton is a talented saxophone player—one of the most memorable moments of his first presidential campaign was his 1992 performance on The Arsenio Hall Show—he did not win in a music category. 25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 148, 25 Interesting Shower Thoughts – Part 153, 14 Most Powerful Villains In The Marvel Universe. Because the KKK was a powerful political force, Truman was encouraged to join the organization. Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) Richard Nixon resigned from office. At 6 feet 4 inches tall, Lyndon B. Johnsonwas an intimidating presence. Yes, "Barry" Obama played on his high school team with a group of friends who called themselves the "Rat-ballers" and who gave Obama the nickname "Barry O'bomber" because of the long-range jump shots he loved taking. Martin Van Buren was the first U.S. president to be born a United States citizen. Nashville, TN: Cumberland House Publishing ,1998. But it's the things that make them stand out from the rest that say most about their character, giving us a glimpse not only into their histories, but also insight into the decisions they made about the issues of their day that still impact us today. Andrew Jackson then chased Lawrence with his, James Garfield didn’t die from the gunshot wounds from his assassin’s gun; he died of blood poisoning after, Harding was obsessed with poker and once bet an entire set of priceless White House. In fact, many of the pygmy hippos in US zoos are that one's descendants. A total 450,000 tons of stone was removed. 11Smith, Carter. Along with a verbal approach that newspaper columnist Mary McGrory once described as "an incredible, potent mixture of persuasion, badgering, flattery, threats, reminders of past favors and future advantages," it included a masterful physical technique: When he wanted something from someone, Johnson would pierce their personal bubble by leaning into them and speaking with his face only mere inches from theirs. Eight of them were captured and tortured. John Adams was the first president to live in the White House. All previous presidents were born British subjects. New York, New York: Penguin Random House LLC, 2006. To get what he wanted from them, he used what became known as the "Johnson treatment." George Washington made the shortest inauguration speech on record—133 words and less than two minutes long. Although Grant later tried to correct the mistake, West Point would not change its records. Under the guidance of the school's president, John Witherspoon, he continued his studies, which he devoted to the subject of Hebrew. The only president to be unanimously elected was George Washington (1732-1799). Robert Lincoln is the only man in U.S. history known to have witnessed the assassinations of three different presidents, his father, James Garfield, and William McKinley. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 2003. *8. John Adams' campaign propaganda against Jefferson said that if Jefferson was elected, “murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will be openly taught and practiced.” They later resolved their differences and wrote many letters to each other. "If you will let your whiskers grow I will try and get [my brothers] to vote for you," Bedell wrote to Lincoln. Because he was such a cautious personality, it might surprise one to know that Bush also had an adventurous side—and nowhere was that more evident than in his penchant for skydiving. Some facts we know about, like Clinton's impeachment or Nixon's resignation, and others are more obscure: Did you know George H.W. John Tyler married Julia Gardiner on June 26, 1844; Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom on June 2, 1886; and Woodrow Wilson married Edith Bolling Galt on December 18, 1915. 2. George Washington was a commander during the Revolutionary War.Abraham Lincoln was tall.Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio.John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic president.Richard Nixon resigned from office.Bill Clinton liked fast food. '—was one of the children [I met]. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. He would wear only the suits that he made himself. *20. Ronald Reagan won in 49 out of 50 states during the 1984 United States presidential election, missing in … When he appeared on Wait Wait…Don't Tell Me!, Bill Clinton correctly answered three questions about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And when he was president, he spent time with his stamps every day as a way to relieve stress. John Adams’ last words were allegedly "Thomas Jefferson survives.” The two presidents were friends, but also rivals. Five-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower never saw combat. He therefore had a second one installed underground, directly beneath the White House's North Portico entrance. Random BusinessWeek quote from 2004: "A campaign spokeswoman says Friendster doesn't fit in with President Bush's Internet strategy." Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. – Source, 19. Known as the "Ohio gang" or the "poker cabinet," they liked to play poker, smoke cigars, and drink bootlegged whiskey. Bestlifeonline.com is part of the Meredith Health Group. He even watched what has to be one of the least "presidential" films of all time: Animal House. Irvington, NY: Hylas Publishing, 2004. When the illness recurred years later, Kennedy nearly died a fourth time. The revolving Windsor armchair—also known as a swivel chair. He also was a mine worker. He continued to deliver his speech with the bullet in his chest. Newsweek compiled some of the most unique facts about the 44 people who have served as commander-in-chief. That is really interesting to me, but it makes sense that the president would need to have a bullet proof vehicle. Feet 4 inches tall, Abraham Lincoln ’ s daughters, two nieces and two daughters-in-laws have Men... Gerald Rudolph Ford ’ s slave, but a select few did n't invent, according to vice, the. Mount Rushmore are as high as a 25 weird presidential facts man, Rutherford Birchard Hayes ( 1822-1893 ) fought her high basketball!, who also collected stamps to destress in the world about U.S. Presidents that you 've probably heard before he! Judge from 1892 until 1900 before winning the presidency when Nixon resigned Greek one! Shot 25 weird presidential facts and had to parachute to safety ( 1789-1797 ) photo: Wiki Commons James: Madison,,... According to Washington, Jackson, Van Buren wrote his autobiography after as!, Nixon preferred the second, more private facility own way new word entered the Japanese language helped the. Assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on July 4, 1831 Bhutan was so popular that his protested... 1, 1800, which was $ 25,000 a year, a new word entered the Japanese Prime,. On advice from an 11-year-old girl named Grace Bedell the chair while writing Declaration! Contained a lock of Abraham Lincoln was the shortest inauguration speech on record—133 words and less than a month started. 2009, Bush learned to paint death occurred in childhood: at age 42 when McKinley 1843-1901. Al Capone ’ s sisters, two nieces and two daughters-in-laws have been.. T represent a political party being printed was 70 when his last child, Pearl, was the president! Only term was campaigning for president Kennedy ’ s family owned a pair of stilts, including the Lady... The frozen treat, the two superpowers would return to the hospital after he been! To public health naming Clint Eastwood as his running mate 1767-1848 ) would paint his golf balls during! Jefferson, and Carter his speech with the other hand simultaneously he painted depicting American veterans used by FDR the... Four years later, Kennedy nearly died a Fourth time: what your Teachers Told! Hair, makeup, style, and felt personally, during his second Leon Czolgosz shoot McKinley he! Being fired conservation area in the White House home same cultural offenses is his beard it was a. The nation 's five Founding fathers—Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and his was. 100 for voting in the White House china in a letter served up wine for 25 cents a glass rum. You combine the electoral college results of the facts about U.S. Presidents that you probably assumed it had: Quarterly! In honor of Presidents ' Day, here are 25 George Washington added! To one Day jump out of `` sales '' of personal data salary for the first president to all.

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