1978 ford quadravan

Yes maintenance schedules and it's not even EFI. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Also remember that the older vehicles 50s-60s run right up to about 100k then die they just don't last as long as these newer engines being that it's a 78 I don't know what side of the fence that puts it on but it has less safety equipment and that van is the only thing between you and the rest of the world so choose wisely. Thanks, l, North Andover, Massachusetts, United States, Woodland Hills, California, United States. This grille (if original) would make this no newer than 1978. The only real quirk I can remember was the suspension’s bouncing in rhythm like a hobbyhorse over certain concrete-paved roads. And they look ugly. Fuel efficiency? Learn how your comment data is processed. ? And this Econoline 4×4 Quadravan is a double-conversion van, ready to take its occupants into the wilderness for their vanning pleasures. FYI, I believe Quigley also sells dealer orderable 4wd Nissan conversions as well as the Transit. I should mention that as far as I know, Quadravan only did the 4wd conversion. I thought the Transit had proven itself superior in most all ways…though reliability is unknown at this point and looks will always be subjective. Those were boom years for the whole RV industry, until the second energy crisis put the kibosh to it. That kinda looks like Campervan Kevin’s (Youtuber) old campervan. Yep, Quigley sells converted Nissan, GM, and Ford vans. As pool vehicles, they weren’t particularly well maintained, but they also rarely – if ever – saw salt and didn’t go many miles. GM did sell an AWD version of the current-gen full-size vans, not sure if they still do, though these weren’t raised much if at all and weren’t intended for off-road use. This grille (if original) would make this no newer than 1978. Quadravans were built by Pathfinder, which apparently survived the 1980-1982 downturn, only to go belly up in 1991, another difficult year for RVs. 84K, 460 big block, C6 transmission, Dana 60 rear end. Now If I was building an expedition rig A Nantucket with the Quadravan and high top conversion like this one would be at the top of my list. Good goin Ford you struck out on that one. It's a great way to save money or travel the world. Runs great! A SOLID RUST FREE SO. There’s not many 1980-1982 vintage RVs out there, except maybe some very small and relatively efficient ones. There’s a lot of tall 4×4 military and Unimog-type trucks that are used in pretty extreme situations. And a minor nit, this generation of Econoline began with the 1975 models. I have a 1978 Ford Pathfinder Quadravan.. All Rights Reserved. Space? 2010 351W motor, Road Ripper stage 2 C6 tranny w/deep pan, rebuilt NP205 transfer case, Dana 60s w/ 3.73s, new ignition system last fall along with two new AGM batteries. The environmental firm I once worked for bought a new ’82 4WD Dodge van for field work. Like all Quadravans, this short wheelbase example started life as a standard heavy duty one-ton Econoline, but was then sent to an outside supplier where a factory-sanctioned conversion was carried out. Considering the popularity of 4wd trucks, I don’t understand why this wasn’t offered by the Big Three, or at least I never heard about it. Interior needs cleaning, ut fairly good otherwise. It’s too bad that Ford cancelled their E Series vans for light duty use. And that’s a remarkable feat for a Ford considering they’ve built some pretty crappy cars, but not their trucks and vans. 1978 FORD E 350 QUADRAVAN 4X4 FOUR WHEEL CARGO VAN RARE!!!!!! I'd be interested in seeing what the maintenance schedule had been like. Thanks for the thoughts. Body has minor rust around front windshield. Paul, you are right about the desirability of these 4×4 conversions. Lastly, the beige and brown Ford Econoline pictured at top is a 1977 model. When the old folks were cruising down US 27 in Florida, the appearance of this thing in their mirrors gave them something to think about. A regular van over the same roads rode smoothly. Typical use was driving out to a range, sitting all day, then back to the motor pool at night. Seller's Notes 1979 Ford Quadravan Pathfinder. According to the forums I visited last night, they do quite well off-road, except for tight turns. In The 1990’s, Ford had the VPN127 project that was envisioned to support both an F-Series and Econoline off the same platform. 139k original miles. I’m not sure about the fiberglass top, interior and paint. A local British Columbia company produces the Clydesdale Conversion for GM and Ford I believe, and has been around since the ’80’s at least. I do not believe they went to a modern steering column-mounted key until either 1980 or 81. It’s very common to exceed the 300,000 mile mark on these vans and not do an overhaul. Many are surprised that these vans from the late 70s retained the age-old Ford habit of putting the ignition key on the left side of the dash. I think there have been several companies that converted full-size vans into 4WD besides this one though. MSD high, energy ignition, rebuilt Holley carburetor, new exhaust. Third time trying to post this… hopefully this is the charm! I love vans and have had one for decades (not the same one). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I do know that in 1979 on the Ford vans, the grille went to an egg crate/waffle style in a 4×8 pattern with square headlights and the turn signal/parking lights directly below it. I’ve seen some Ford vans with both the FORD lettering on the hood and the blue oval on the grille. Talk about unappealing…, The Econ-O-Master would know the year that grille ended. Both vehicles also sold in large quantities so they could easily be stand alone and optimized for their specific needs. I suppose one reason was that they didn’t want to siphon off sales of Suburbans and Ramchargers and Broncos, but this would have been an unexplored niche. 1982 1983 1984Palm Springs, California, United StatesCar specification:VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1FBHE21G6BH815773Year: 1981Number of Cylinders: 8Make: FordTransmission: AutomaticModel: E … Always thought 4wd vans where so cool! In 1979 E Series vans all had rectangular headlamps. Would lay 5to1odds you never have to use them gears.Gee some people manage to get rigs that year for one tenth the price.My advise is newer cheaper 2 wheel drive Good luck.460 is bulletproof though. I also don’t know if any of them might still be in the system. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. That’s exactly my point–the Transit has been proven superior (though as you said, reliability is still up in the air after only 2 model years, and looks are subjective). One more thing, a 460cc engine will SUCK on MPG. 1972 Ford Ranchero 500; 1978 Ford Quadravan; 1973 Ford Bronco; 1970 Ford Bronco; 1975 Ford Pinto Wagon; 1969 Torino 428 Cobra Jet; 1976 Ford Pinto Turbo; 1957 Ford Country Sedan; 1971 Mustang Convertible; 1980 Ford Granada; 1980 Ford Pinto; 1985 Ford LTD SSP; 1964 Ford Galaxie; 1967 Ford Mustang; 1973 Pinto Wagon 2016 (197) December (10) November (12) October (9) September … They bring a hefty premium over the RWD stock van. Paint is rough with, rust around windshield and roof pillers but overall the body is in great, | I'm a bot | For bug reports, suggestions, or if you want me in your sub message ^/u/Vendigroth |. They were most commonly used at training posts rather than posts where tactical units were based. Incredible project for someone with the time. This 1974 Ford Econoline E-300 Quadravan is a very rare 4×4 version typically only seen in long wheelbase form. 1981 Ford E-Series Van FORD E250 QUADRAVAN W/PATHFINDER 4X4 | Used Cars for Sale. Many are surprised that these vans from the late 70s retained the age-old Ford habit of putting the ignition key on the left side of the dash. 84K, 460 big block, C6 transmission, Dana 60 rear end. Car is located Somerset Calif, lose to Placerville. How about Class A motorhomes, converted for off-road ? Paul, 1990 FORD ECONOLINE E-150 WORK /CARGO VAN GOOD STICKER WORKS … Already installed rebuilt automatic transmission with zero miles and 460 engine with 80,000 miles from wrecking yard, ll bolted up. You're looking for trouble with a carbureted vehicle, unless you are a muscle car person or have extensive knowledge of carburetors. I have looked into converting my old Winnebago D27 ? Will have to research this. Car Show Classic: 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 – Look Ma, 428 Four-Speed! That was the name on some in that time frame. And it’s possible that the fiberglass roof extension is much lighter than the stock steel roof with stiffeners. MSD high. 1978 Ford E350 4x4 Van - Quadravan, Owner - Needs to be put together, verything included.

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