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Had a will not been drawn up prior to his death, Epstein's brother, Mark, would have been entitled to his estate because he is Epstein's only known living heir. Another 10,000 shares of Cypress, Inc., which owns his New Mexico ranch, are worth $17.2 million. Davis, 68 So. This thing’s going to go on for years.”. One's domicile must be proven in a probate court, usually through tax returns, a drivers license, or documented time spent in specific jurisdictions. In the will, Epstein detailed the companies that hold the titles to his properties in New Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida and New York. (function( timeout ) { The will was signed by two witnesses, Mariel A. Colón Miró and Gulnora Tali, who are identified in a Bloomberg report as private attorneys. The lawsuit alleges that the victim suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. His Palm Beach mansion, owned through 10,000 shares of Laurel Inc., is worth more than $12.3 million. "It is far from a given that Mr. Epstein possessed mental capacity.". Next, the victims would have to get a ruling that they are entitled to compensation as a result of sex crimes. Epstein’s brother, Mark, ... Epstein left his fortune to “acting Trustees of The 1953 Trust.” But the members of the trust were not … Election Live Updates: Americans brace for results as polls close, 2020 Senate and House Live Elections: Polls close in 3 key states, Judge orders sweep of postal facilities for mail-in ballots, "Don't be scared" of voter intimidation, Michigan official says, Stocks rally worldwide as Election Day finally arrives. His death was ruled a suicide. It is the claims against Epstein's estate that are now the main focus for investigators and victims alike. "The 1953 Trust" — apparently named for the year of Epstein's birth — was established on August 8, 2019, ... there are likely to be beneficiaries named in the trust. Epstein's will, which is a public document, claimed assets of more than $577 million. Epstein’s longtime lawyers, Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn, were named as primary executors of the estate and are slated to receive $250,000 of the $577 million fortune for their efforts. “I expect the court to be inundated with claims against the estate. “That’s why the executors are not paying anybody any money anytime soon,” Crawford said. Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. ", "My guess is he's been filing the Virgin Islands as his domicile for many, many years," said Professor Bridget J. Crawford, who teaches law at Pace University. Parties in the trust could challenge it. What went wrong with polls in 2016? A transfer of assets two days before his death may increase the chances of success against his Estate. The trust could be voided if there is nothing left to fund it. ); Harvard-trained immunologist Boris Nikolic says he has no intention of serving as backup executor to the deceased pedophile’s last-minute will benefiting the mysterious 1953 Trust. August 21, 2019 / 4:58 PM function() { Jeffrey Epstein had an unconventional Will, Litigants Must Comply with Court Ordered Timelines During COVID-19, Disney inheritance dispute over $200 million dollars, Elderly couple from Idaho victims of abuse, Wrongful death lawsuits by Prince’s heirs discontinued, Family of Bing Crosby was involved in dispute. Mr. Epstein’s Will was filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands where he owned two islands. The Court would have to rule how much they are entitled to and whether or not to reduce the amounts any potential beneficiaries are entitled to. Crawford said Epstein’s final wishes will take several years to sort out. 0 Comment. This treatment is similar to the way in which trustees are assessed in relation to a non-resident company or individual beneficiary. The will, filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands and obtained by CBS News, is a "pour-over will" that transfers, or pours over, all of Epstein's vast assets into a private trust. Considering he's facing a growing number of lawsuits — including one reportedly seeking $100 million — there's a possibility the IRS will get nothing but the secured property taxes. six The terms of Epstein's trust are stricken from public record. According to Section 2053 of Internal Revenue Code, the worth of Epstein's estate will only be taxed after all claims against the estate have been settled. Time limit is exhausted. Send it to The Daily Beast here. }, "You could expect lots of arguments as claimants jockey for position.". “That would be a way Mark could overturn the will and take the entire estate.”. He’s currently the managing partner of Biomatics Capital. “Mark could come forward and say, ‘This is not a valid will, it was executed when he was not of right mind.’ There [could] be multiple possible grounds for doing so—fraud, undue influence, duress for example,” Crawford said. But according to attorney Turney Berry, an expert on estate and business planning, the claims against Epstein's estate will be extremely complicated, and in some scenarios may lead to the government getting paid first. if ( notice ) timeout “He created some sort of trust very shortly before he died to receive all his property, and the reason people do that is to keep private from the public who is the beneficiary,” Crawford told The Daily Beast, adding, “The will is public, but the trust itself is not.”. Epstein was indicted in July on federal sex trafficking charges and denied bail. While Epstein’s accusers and the government can file claims against the estate, the only person who can challenge the validity of the will is the financier’s only relation: Mark Epstein. He listed 10,000 shares of Maple, Inc.—the Virgin Islands corporation that holds the title to his Manhattan townhouse—as worth $55.9 million. The document, which was first revealed by the New York Post, indicates he left behind an estate worth $577,672,654. Now that the will has been filed, creditors will get notice of probate, “and that will be anyone who is a known creditor of Mr. Epstein’s, including the U.S. government most likely,” Crawford added.

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