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In 2005 following help from the Proteus Syndrome Foundation and Tracey Whitewood-Neals input, i decided that i wanted to give something back to this charity and here is were my fundraising began:

So after raffles, sharks swims, buckets of water being thrown at people, and asking for donations, around £700 was raised.

At the same time in 2007 along with Sue we held a cake stall and tombola and raised around £200 for PSF.

Another fundraiser evening went really well. My friend Rachel who is a music teacher organised an evening where her students sang songs, there was also a raffle, music quiz and ticket sales. We made a total of £575. Many thanks for Rachel, her mum and dad and everyone else who helped make the night a success.


Since then my friend Ella Fontaine: Ella Fontaine websitedid an Opera and Brass Band evening in aid of the Proteus Syndrome Foundation. Over £200 was made for the charity.


 My fundraiser in September 2010 was called Mandy's Mile.
This was to raise money for my local hospital (Accrington Victoria Hospital) who helped me when I was recovering from my amputation.
I managed to raise over £2,000

  Here is one of the reclining chairsthat the ward bought with money
raised from Mandy's Mile, modelled by Marie & Maureen.

My recent fundraiser (EBay auction) for the Proteus Syndrome Foundaton (June 2013) raised: £657.39 People were very kind with their donations, I had signed photo's from Simone Lahbib, Coronation Street stars, A signed Heart FM t-shirt from Dr Pam Spurr & a tour of the This Morning studio kindly donated by Eamonn Holmes.